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Help /gg FTW! and earn some cash!

Think you can write interesting articles about gaming and the gamer's life? Think you've got something interesting to say but just need the chance to say it? Think that bot is full of lulz and you're a helluva lot better? Think Ethane may be awesome but so are you? Want to make some spare cash to buy that new cash shop item or fuel your gacha addiction?

Well, get your pens (or keyboards) ready and WRITE WRITE WRITE!

There's a bunch of things you can write about gaming! Here are a few examples:

  • A new game that you're absolutely raving about, or just, "Eww, what the heck were they thinking?!"
  • How it was like playing an MMO with your RL girlfriend... and getting creamed at PvP at the process
  • How you became a billionaire in-game
  • The ups and downs of running a guild
  • Heck, you can write about the merits of using loli and shota sprites in MMOs. Or furries, dear Lord!

For each article accepted for publishing, we'll pay you $10!*

The more original, the better. Wit is a plus. And yes, decent grammar would be very much appreciated unless you want Metty bearing down on you. 8D

Accepted content will be published on /gg FTW!

Please mail your contributions to content [at]  Use a word processor format, please (.doc, .docx, .rtf). You may include images if you like, but no more than 450 pixels in width.  Remember, original work only! Using images from games is acceptable, but please ensure you have rights to redistribute any other images you use in your article. Remember, a good article or review should have some images to break up the wall of text. Please remember to title all submissions!

* Articles must meet our quality standards before publishing. Accepted articles may be edited for grammar, English clarity, etc. Article titles may be edited. By submitting an article you grant /gg FTW! perpetual, irrevocable permission to publish your article. Quality standards include (but are not limited to): no excessive profanity, subject matter, readibility, credibility, image copyright, etc. We will accept articles or reviews only. Payments will be made twice a month; if you submit three articles between the 1st and the 15th you will be paid $30 on or about the 15th; if you submit two between the 16th and 30th you will be paid $20 on or about the 30th. All payments will be made via PayPal -- no exceptions. You must include your /gg FTW! account name on all submissions to receive proper credit. Only accepted articles will be published; if your article is rejected you will receive a reply email stating why it was rejected. Rejected articles or reviews may be submitted (corrected) twice. Currently maximum number of articles/reviews that may be accepted each month is 50.


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