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Tales Runner Review by SpinSpinBunny

TalesRunner... you could call it a MMO, but I’d call it a racing game. It deals with many players running and well, winning! This was a great game to stick with by gPotato, especially if you like race-type games and didn’t feel like dedicating to any other of gPotato’s games.

Gameplay – 9.6/10
The Gameplay went quite well for me. I actually liked how you could run in this game as it doesn’t deal with cars, but on feet. Pressing Z has your character accelerating. However, if you hold Z too long, your character falls to the floor in a weary state and stops running for a few seconds. This literally leaves you immobile, and it can be really dangerous in stages such as the “Angry Lizard” map or could slow your teammates down in maps like “Wonderland.” There is also a technique called “Dash Jumping” that allows you to keep running through stages even with low stamina, but not many know how to do it. New players must keep their eye on this if they want to succeed!

Graphics – 9.9/10
I found the graphics to be quite...cute! The stage designs and how the stage begins are really beautiful. When loading a stage, a locked mirror-like object is painted. This waits for other players to load, then wings will appear. The door then opens and players fall out of the mirror. This gives them the chance to time their falls, so they can dash off and try to take the lead. However, miss the timing of the dash and the player lands on the ground in a dazed state for a few seconds. Falling into that state will cause you to start off slow. This on top of the 3D graphics that decorate the game world coupled with polished animations in stages like “Ice Age,” “Frog Price,” and “Through the Looking Glass" make Tales Runner an unforgettable experience.

Cash Shop – 8.5/10
The Cash Shop can be quite... overpowered at times. It is mostly filled with stat additions and experience boosts. The in-game currency, TR, can be bought with gPotato's, and you can basically become a rich TR carrying extraordinaire for just 50 bucks! This also brings me to the fact that characters are overpriced. A few months back in TalesRunner, the character Lina had cost 2,100 gPotato's ($21.00 USD). In the future, they had lowered her price to 950 gPotato's ($9.50 USD). Gpotato allows the use of mules in their games and TalesRunner is no exception. The Alchemy sets are kind of a rip-off, but I can’t really compare any prices there since I haven’t bought anything from the Alchemy section before. To top this all off: the newest character, Rough, currently costs about $12.00 USD.

Community – 6.5/10
There’s another thing that kind of takes the fun out of TalesRunner: the community and its sore losers. They tend to call you a “noob” if you gather up Fury Energy for your gauge, and if you win they call you that too. This server is also overrun by many people of different languages, mostly Portuguese. I’m not trying to be stereotypical or racist here. Often these guys whine and complain about not being able to race! (And to the Brazilians on /ggFTW, no offense to you all.) Another problem about the community is the couple system. People will continuously beg gPotato (or in other games, typical Cash Shop users) to couple them to only beg more and get what they want. This can be ignored but it does make you wanna yell a “GTFO” every now and then.

TalesRunner is a pretty cool game for any type of gamer. I think it could be improved, but I haven’t visited it much lately. The music in the game can get quite annoying, but you can easily turn that off and place your media player or iPod on without a doubt. I wouldn’t judge it too much by looks, music, or even the sounds you hear in the game! Try it just for gameplay! You’d probably be glad to try something, even if you didn’t like it at all.

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