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S.U.N. Review by Pauliewoggy


From official site:

“MMORPG representing the perfect balance between advantages of console packages RPG and the battle system of MMORPGs. Users can communicate within the town to form a community and play through various economic activities. In addition, by operating a unique battle zone system, users are able to enjoy stylish combats and experience the story line.”

OS: Windows 2000, XP, VISTA
CPU: Pentium 4 1.8GHz or higher
Graphics Card: Geforce TI4200 or higher, Radeon 9200 or higher, Video
Memory: 128M or higher
Video Memory: 128M or higher
RAM: 512MB or higher
Local Disk Drive: 3GB or more [Swap & Temp Files Included]
Direct X: Direct X 9.0c or higher


S.U.N. Online offers “fast character movements, visually vibrant effects, and thrilling sounds that will maximize the intensity for every combat.” In reality, the game’s combat system doesn’t differ from any other 3D MMO’s combat system. It uses the standard system of selecting your target and spamming skills until it’s defeated. I’m not trying to say that the gameplay is bad, it’s far from it. But it just doesn’t stand out at all like the publisher states.

You begin the game with your character creation. This is an aspect of the game where I think SUN shines. Apart from the usual customization options including hair and face types, you are able to choose your weapon and armor type from many different options, allowing further character customization even before you begin playing.

Character Customization Screen

The quest system is great in this game; it features story quests as well as side quests. The many quest lines will keep you occupied and quickly lead you to new areas. A feature that I love about S.U.N.’s quest system is that it displays current quest objectives on the side of your screen, a la World of Warcraft’s Quest Help plugin. The reward’s from Quests will easily get you to level 20 without any grinding but you will find yourself in need of money (Heims) to support upgrading/repairing your equipment.

Overall Gameplay Rating: 7.5/10


S.U.N.’s crafting system differs from most other MMOs. Unlike other MMOs, each person does not specialize in a specific form of crafting; instead, there is a crafting NPC in each town. You take the required materials to them and craft your item(s). From what I’ve seen, there’s an approximate 60% chance for success on crafts.

Crafting Menu

Enchanting works the same way, termed “Crystallizing”. You can also enchant your equipment which is actually just an upgrade. When a piece of equipment is upgraded, it gains a level (+1, +2 etc.). With each upgrade, the weapon’s stats and requirements also raise.

The dungeon system in S.U.N. uses the basic Instance system that most MMO players are familiar with. In S.U.N., dungeons not only require clearing out all the mobs, but there are also puzzles that need to be solved. This is a nice change of pace from other MMOs. Unfortunately, the puzzles tend to get a bit tedious after you’ve run a dungeon 10+ times.

A great feature in S.U.N is the Battle Zone system. Basically, the Battle Zone system is a Lobby System. It allows players to set up lobbies to form groups for dungeons, PvP and other missions and events, though this system yet to be fully implemented. The biggest perk of this system is the fact that you can just use the Battle Zone NPC in town to get to a specific instance without having to actually travel to the instance.

Inside a Battle Zone lobby

It is also important to note that a cash shop is in the works, but unreleased as of the writing of this review.

Overall Features Rating: 8.5/10


The sound and music of S.U.N. Online is definitely not bad, but it’s nothing to write home about. The soundtrack is typical boring RPG music, which you end up tuning out. The sound effects are above average, and as I said before they’re just nothing special. The graphics are about the same as the sounds. However, the characters are very detailed, as well as the equipments. The game’s UI makes it look much more dated than it really is. Also, the font is very similar to the Diablo 2 font, which also makes the game appear dated.

Showing off my Valkyrie in a typical S.U.N. map

Overall Aesthetics Rating: 6.5/10


Unfortunately, since S.U.N. hasn’t been out for very long, the community isn’t very developed. Of course, Ijji hosts a forum dedicated to the game and it is somewhat active. The downside of this, as with most other developer-hosted forums, is the lower maturity level and lack of moderation. Developer-hosted forums are known to be full of spam, lots of posts in all caps and the like. However, one fan-site has sprung up and the forum is beginning to become populated. We can expect to see more in the future.

Overall Community Rating: 7/10

Final Verdict

I can definitely see S.U.N. being a very well-made game in the future. Right now, it is a bit hard to judge the game due to the fact that a lot of the content is yet to be released. The level of dedication Ijji has to the development to S.U.N. will be very important. I have high hopes for this game, and I hope that Ijji delivers.

Overall Score: 75%
Gameplay: 7.5 (18.75%)
Features: 9/10 (22.5%)
Aesthetics: 6.5/10 (16.25%)
Community: 7/10 (17.5%)

Useful Links:

S.U.N. Official Site
/gg FTW! S.U.N. Forum

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