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Shattered Galaxy Review by Geowil

Shattered Galaxy is a Free to Play MMO Strategy game (but you can also pay for some bonuses) where you combat other players over control for provinces. The more provinces you control the faster you get Uranium. The number of provinces you control at the time that your faction’s meter resets also determines your Uranium payout. Uranium is used to purchase special units.

So that is the preface of SG. While playing SG there are two fundamental views that you have. While not in battle you are represented by an avatar. While in battle your avatar is replaced with your units.


The User Interface is somewhat complicated at first. Let’s take a look at it (image edited for size restriction):

1. This is the Mini Map. Yellow dots represent other players while you are represented by a green dot. Along the outer edges of this map there will be green or red blocks that represent gates to other provinces. Green means that the field belongs to your Faction while Red fields belong to an enemy faction.

2. This is the chat area. Chat is entered into the longer smaller box at the bottom. The three buttons to the right of this box control who the message is sent to.

3. These buttons do various things from bringing up the game map, mailbox, and message boards, to logging you out. To the right of these buttons is the friends/block list. The two buttons at the top switch between the two lists.

4. These buttons control the Macro settings, game settings, and bring up the subordinate menu.

Most of these functions are also mapped to an F Key, such as:

F1: Brings up the help menu
F2: Opens the full view map
F3: Opens the medium view map
F4: Opens your character status window

Let’s take a look at a few more screen shots of the player status window, map, and some other areas:

This is the full view map. You can see what fields an enemy faction has as well as what battles are currently taking place. This window gives you the most in-depth information out of the three map styles (full, medium, mini being those three). You can see in-depth information about the battles by click on the fields such as the battle type, time left, ‘PR’ (Power Rating), and who is currently in the battle along with their units and levels if your ‘Tactics’ is high enough. Fields with a white outline are fields that contain someone from your regiment.

This is the Factory, a building where you can repair, sell, and buy units. It is recommended that you sell your units (take off any gold weapons first) before a reincarnation event. It is free money that will be carried over.

This building is where you will buy equipment and upgrade your units. Each tab represents a different class of item. Each item has its own requirements for your unit. Such as complexity, weight, and space. Certain attributes will increase these values.

This is the player status window. You will spend a lot of time here, as it is one of the more important windows in the game.

I would like to draw your attention first to the “Division Info” section. This lists information on all four of the unit divisions in the game; Infantry, Mobile, Aviation, Organic.

The “Political Info” window displays your name, faction, title, superior, Regiment, prestige, and battle record.

The window directly under those two is the history window. It contains various things for your viewing pleasure or e-gloating for some of you “look at what I has” people; you know who you are!

Now for the most important section of any menu in the game, the Attributes section is where you will spend most of your time in game besides battling and equipping or upgrading. It will also be one of the most annoying places in the game. Each Attribute has various effects on the game mechanics for your character. Each attribute can be increased to 100 on a Non-Payer account and to 120 on a Payer account. Being a payer has some added benefits that I will cover towards the end of this review. That being said there are some things related to the 120-point attributes that I will cover now along with what each attribute does:


Also known as Tact, it is one of the more important attributes for Regiment Leaders. This is because the Battle Commander (BC) designation is appointed to whomever has the highest Tact. I will cover more on BC’s in the Battle section. Tactics also serves another purpose. In increments of 20 points you will gain a new unit slot. This means that payers can use up to 12 units at a time while non-payers can use up to 10. Players that have 120 Tact can choose one of two Super Organic (SO, Super Org, SupOrg) units; Jorias or Vytyr.


Clout is an important attribute for Point of Contention (POC) sitters. This attribute increases your units Unit Quality allowing you to upgrade it sooner then normal. Clout is a must for ORG (Organics) and Behemoth users. The Super Org’s for maxing this attribute are the Charise and Dythe.


Also known as EDU in game, Education is essential for killers and hunters (there are a few exceptions though). EDU adds to your units Equipment Tech Level. It allows you to equip more advanced parts sooner. Normally high EDU players will use Arbalests (A mortar-esqe unit), Ghasts (human-like units that wield powerful energy swords), or some other quick unit. They make up part of the main killing power in battle. Maxing this attribute will allow you to use the Charnal or Rayoks Super Org units. For Organic units, this attribute increases their attack power.

Mechanical Aptitude:

This one is an important attribute to all attribute setups. Mech. App. increases the amount of space a unit has as well as how much weight it can fit. For Organic units this attribute increases their armor and HP. Maxing this attribute gains you access to a Miasam or Miasmal.


As you participate in battles your units will gain EXP, which will eventually level them. When they level up, this adds EXP to your various Division’s level depending on what division the leveling unit is in. For example a Knell that levels up will add EXP to the Organics division. You are allowed 6 units to start with in battle. This can be increased to 10 (n on-payers) or 12 (payers) with Tact. However, you can only have 68 units total.

Each unit class has its own specialties and skills, like the Virus unit can cause a lot of damage in a short time but has generally low HP and armor. While units like the Behemoth which are designed to be POC sitters have high HP and armor and longer cool down times on their weapons.

Units like the Imp can disguise themselves to be a unit belonging to the enemies’ side. This skill is called Infiltration. There are also various things like Cloak and Boost, which are used on many unit classes (most Aviation and Mobile units have Boost and many units in all Divisions can use Cloak).

There are also some special units in SG. One of these units are called Knells. They are generally a Clouter (a player using a high clout attribute setup) unit. They can move anywhere on the battlefield without restriction (because the move through the ground). These can be acquired normally. There are others like Quargs and Abominations that can only be acquired through events. These special units generally are fairly strong with the right attribute setup.


All right now to get into what the heart of SG really is about; battles. First and foremost there are four styles of battle in SG:


In this mode your objective is simple. Get a majority of the POCs for your faction to win the battle. If at any time during the battle all POCs come under the control of either faction fighting, that faction wins the battle.

Standard Enhanced:

This mode was devised to add a bit of flare to Standard battles. The attacking faction must obtain control over one POC by 10:00 on the timer and hold that POC the rest of the battle or the battle is forfeited. Other conditions for victory used in Standard mode apply as long as this minimum 1 POC is held.


This mode adds a bit more of an intelligent twist to battling. Each faction starts out with a set number of points determined by the amount of reinforcements they have. So the more people the more points, or tickets; as they are known as in game, you get. Now, the faction that has the least amount of POCs in their control will have their tickets drained faster. Killing entire platoons of an enemy’s units will also cause as certain amount of ticket loss as will that player retreating his units. If at any point a faction controls every POC in the field, the enemy sides tickets will start draining extremely fast and will end up on zero if a POC is not reclaimed within a set amount of time.

All or Nothing:

This one is probably the easiest to win/lose depending what faction you are in or whom you are fighting against. In this battle mode you have to have all of the POCs to win or else you lose (attackers). So as long as the defenders put in a massive effort to guard only one POC the attackers will almost always lose. Again, this depends on whom you are fighting against.

Other Battle Information:

Point of Contention (POC):

This is a POC. The main objective in any battle is to capture as many, or all, of them as possible. Each field has a different ‘POC Time’ meaning time it takes from when your units touch the POC to when it falls under your faction’s control. There can be from one to five POCs in a field.

Universal Losing Conditions:

As the title states, these are situation in which you are guaranteed to lose:

1: Your faction has no units on the battlefield at any point during the battle.

2: If you have not fulfilled the battle victory conditions by the timer runs out.

3: When you have no units left to reinforce the battle with (player loss only).

4: This is not necessarily a loss but it still applies somewhat. If you have no usable units set for reinforcement when you enter a battle you will be teleported to the Capital of your faction.

Battle Commander (BC):

The Battle Commander is the player with the highest Tactics OR if two players have the highest tactics it will defer to who ever entered the battle first.

The BC has several abilities to control the battle:

1. They can open the battle to all reinforcements
2. They can close the battle to any reinforcements
3. They can partially close the battle to selectively let players enter, their regiment mates for example before letting in other players if at all.
4. They also are given the use of mini map visual ques to let fellow battlers know where the greatest need for units is.


Regiments (Regis) are similar to guilds or clans. They are a group of players united under a common name. Most Regis battle as a team and aim to get the BC position to allow their fellow regi mates in before other non-regi players or to make the battle only for their own regiment.

Other Information about SG:

You are able to have custom colored text. It is set in the options.


About every three months, for payers, KRU Interactive holds an event called a Reincarnation event.

This event allows you to restart your character (defaults your levels and attributes). This also allows you to add extra attribute points to be distributed after the event is over. To be able to participate in the event you have to be over level 50 in one division. You will get 2 bank points for every reincarnation event that you take part in. Also for each level over 50 in each division you are you will get extra bank points

These bank points determine how many extra attribute points you get after the event.

Account Types:

Free Accounts:
- Unlimited play time
- No Level limitations
- Full EXP from battle until Level 50 at which point there is a sliding handicap based on the level
- 10% less offensive power
- 100 Maximum Attribute Level
- Can't earn honor in battles
- Can't participate in Reincarnation Events
- Can't use War Room (online) features
- No Ranking preference for BC
- Can't donate money (in game) to faction treasury
- Can't use War Chest (in game) features and purchase rare items and units
- No Cost

Elite Accounts:
- Unlimited play time
- No Level limitations
- Full EXP from battle
- Full offensive power
- 120 Maximum Attribute Level
- Can earn honor in battles
- Can participate in Reincarnation Events
- Can use War Room (online) features
- Ranking preference for BC
- Donate money (in game) to faction treasury
- Can use War Chest (in game) features and purchase rare items and units
- Costs $9.95/month

I feel that Shattered Galaxy is one of those games that you just can’t help but play. It is an intriguing look at strategical warfare and has captured my interest for more then five years.

For more information visit Shattered Galaxy’s site at

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