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SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Review by zgmfx09a

Super Deformed Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, or SDGO for short, is a third person (or mecha, if you will) shooter-based off the Gundam franchise that is first released by Korea, and subsequently brought over to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. SDGO allows Gundam fans to finally compete against one another in their favorite Mobile Suits (MS), while non-fans can easily enjoy the game without having a difficult time picking up the game, due to its gentle learning curve.

System Requirements
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.8 Ghz
Memory: 512 MB
Video Card: Geforce 4 ti4400 or ATI Radeon 9600 DirectX 9.0c

Korea - - The most updated version, recommended
Taiwan -

Details on how to register can be found in guides on the /ggFTW forums.

The game is simple. You are given a basic MS at the start of the game. You have to earn gold to “gacha” for more suits, and subsequently even construct powerful suits using plans.

The reason it is called ‘capsule fighter’ is because you gacha for your MS.

This game is room-based, which is to be expected from a shooter MMO. There are 3 different modes in the game. The first mode is the individual training mode, where newbies can enter to learn the basics of the game. The second mode is the group mission mode, where a group of 2-4 players get together to complete missions given by the game (and the preferred mode for grinding your MS, though you can do so at a slower pace in PvP). Finally, the PvP mode, and probably the most frequented mode once you get the hang of the game. Pit against up to 7 other players in various different arenas and modes to see who, or which team, is the best.

The rooms for PvP.

The learning curve of this game is gentle. The movement keys are in the standard WASD format, which can be customized to suit one’s preference. The game has implemented an auto-aim function to allow new players to shoot with decent accuracy. It is not a game breaking feature, as auto-aiming in the game is balanced by the fact that it cannot track on to a fast moving MS. Also, some weapons in the game are better suited for manual aiming.

Let’s go deeper into PvP. PvP have 3 modes - Normal, Death-match and Battleship. In Normal modes, players compete to see which side gets the most points upon a certain set amount of time. Death-match is a team battle where each player has a limited amount of lives in the battle. Battleship is the mode which I consider the most fun. Players store from 2 to 4 MS into a battleship worth up to a total of 10 points, and go into battle. You are still battling as a MS, but during any point of the match, you get to switch your MS to another one you have loaded in your battleship, allowing for strategic play. More details on points and stuff will be elaborated later.

The waiting room for Normal and Death Match.

7/10 – Simple, but nothing revolutionary. Battleship mode gives it brownie points.

The MS in the game are classified according to rock (close-ranged), scissors (general) and paper (long-ranged) units. The unit with the superior attribute will deal more damage to the inferior attribute. It is to be noted that usually, most units will have melee and ranged attacks in their weapons set. It is possible to see rocks excelling in mid-range combat and paper that is deadly at close range.

The above rock MS comes with a saber, beam gun and grenades.

MS in the game are given ranks, with their strengths in ascending order (C, B, A, S). The MS will have better overall stats if it is of a higher rank. However, they also cost more “points”, which are calculated in PvP. Using more powerful suits means that each time you die, you contribute more towards your opponent’s score (an S-ranked MS gives a whopping 5 points to the opponent compared to C-ranked 2 points). Or in the context of death-matches, you have lesser lives if you are piloting an S-ranked (2 lives) compared to C-ranked (4 lives).

Each suit has their own experience, and the more experience the MS gains, the more skills you unlock for that particular MS. When you hit certain “levels” for the MS, you get to customize your MS, something that is part and parcel of any Gundam game.

A fully customized C paper – note the 2 paper icons, meaning 2 points.

And what do those points translate?
1.) A player’s personal rank holds no significance in PvP. What matters is the MS’ experience, which is easy to gain, and has a cap.
2.) You can easily see from the above that the game is in fact very newbie friendly. It does not matter if you have been just playing the game for 1 week, compared to someone who has been playing for months. If you play well enough, and your suits is well chosen and well trained, you can easily defeat the opponent. There are plenty of incidents where C-ranked units actually defeat A-ranked units, as they have more lives and give away fewer points.

The cash shop in the game does not play a significant importance to PvP. All MS can be purchased using in-game currency, and there are few, if any, “broken” enhancements that severely unbalance the game (using those in PvP are frowned upon anyway).

9/10 – Almost perfect.

For an online shooter game, the graphics are acceptable. Things get really flashy when you unleash a MS’ special. There is nothing I can complain about regarding the camera angle as well.

Regarding the sounds, it does have room for improvement. The BGMs are repetitive and gets stale after a while. In fact, if you are playing in a random map setting in PvP, one can guess the map you are going to be playing after the BGM has loaded. They are not exactly adrenaline pumping either. As for the sound effects, the only useful sound is probably the sound of bits (ranged homing weapons) being released, as one can anticipate and destroy the bits. Thankfully, the option of disabling sounds is available.

Special – a sequence of cool animations, all for you and your opponent to enjoy.

5/10 – Average graphics with below average music gets it a below average score.

Final Notes
SDGO is a great PvP game that one can easily play and be good at without much investment in both time and cash. If you are one who gets tired of grinding easily and prefer PvP action, this game is for you.


-2 February 7th, 2010 01:35 am
i play my gundam capsule on Hong Kong version i have activated my account but when i run the game and i put my pass and my username it says itz wrong password

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