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MapleStory Review by Faith

Maple Story is a free to play, side scrolling, massive multiplayer online role playing game (commonly known by the abbreviation MMORPG) developed by Wizet and published by Nexon. It is a highly successful and popular game with versions dedicated for many parts of the world. Maple Story has over 50 million players combined together from all versions, although popular varies upon version.

Publisher: Nexon


System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Processor: Minimum Pentium 3 1Ghz, Recommended Pentium 4 1.8Ghz
RAM: Minimum 1.5GB, Recommended 3GB
Hard Drive Space: Approximately 1.4GB
Network: 56 kbps Modem


Maple Story can be easily run smoothly on an old computer and is quite simplistic for a 2-D side scroller. The GUI is simple and easy to understand and Maple Story offers customization down to almost every key on the keyboard. This allows you to do almost anything you please with every button as opposed to other games where each key has a fixed hot key attached to it (e.g. H = Help or I = Inventory). The cash shop in Maple Story is one of the few that doesn’t offset the game with overpowered items and offers a wide variety of items to enhance your gameplay. Maple Story also offers a Maple Story Trading System (MTS) allowing trading of virtual items for Nexon Cash (worth real money) so players without the ability to spend money can get it. Leveling in Maple Story is quite easy in the beginning due to party quests which allow you to get to the 70s quite easily. However, after that it becomes a pain in the ass to level because you would be spending hours on end just to level once. Just imagining 199 to 200 would make me cry. Getting to the max level of 200 requires great dedication and could take you at least a year or two, unless you are an extremely hardcore gamer.

Boss fight screen shot generously donated by Mercruious.

Maple Story is your typical MMORPG where you start off as a beginner and get a choice between your typical classes of Warrior, Bowman, Rogue, Magician or Pirate once you hit level 10. Or, if you decide to you can begin a new character called Noblesse once your other character hits level 20 and choose between classes in the Knights of Cygnus. Like your average MMORPG, you will be going around fighting monsters to level up, complete quests or just hang out with other players. Unlike many other games, Maple Story offers hundreds of quests to keep you busy as you level up. As you go deeper into the game each class (except Knights of Cygnus) will branch off into more classes each specialized in its own area of hunting monsters, then a straight forward path of leveling up and completing job advancement quests. However, your efforts will not be in vain as one of Maple Story’s greatest features is the bossing system allowing generally up to 30 players in 1 party to fight in a long-winded tough battle. Another one of Maple Story’s greatest features is the buddy, guild and alliance system allowing up to 100 players in a guild, buddy list and up to 5 guilds in one alliance (that’s up to potentially 600 players talking at once!). Maple Story also offers a Family system where while one is within 20 levels of another, can start a family and the person that is in the higher level can earn reputation. The reputation can be used on many things but the main thing everyone wants is the 2x exp bonuses. This kind of voids the main purpose of the Family system as a bonding feature, but is still a great one nonetheless. Overall, Maple Story has A LOT of features (so many that I can’t list it all).

In-game marriage between a box and a snowman.

The music in Maple Story is quite simplistic and fit the game very well as you progress the through the game. As you change from one area to another, the music changes to match it and does it surprisingly they managed to make it work quite well (like epic music for bosses). The graphics in Maple Story are unique in its own ways and is quite plentiful. It is very appealing and the special effects of attacks fit in nicely without being overdone. Like many other games, Maple Story allows customization of the character by buying cash shop equipment. However, unlike many other games, Maple Story’s cash shop is one of their key features. It has a LARGE variety of clothing and has a large variety of hair styles with many different colors, providing you have the money of course.

Hanging out with buddies.

One thing I like about Maple Story is that they provide updates with new in-game content, fixes bugs and provide events on a regular basis keeping the gamers quite content. The GMs are also quite active right now as opposed to before, however with the large team recently hired caused GMs to become more of your everyday thing as opposed to those once every few months kind of thing. This caused them to be ignored more than ever… although despite that still do their job as they are supposed to. Despite all of this, I believe that if they provide events too often then they should destroying a lot of the efforts of those who are in the higher levels that didn’t have these events from before.

A GM in action; warning someone who used an inappropriate word.

Overall, Maple Story is a great game. There is so much to do in the game that I honestly don’t think I could list all of it in this review. I highly recommend this game to everyone simply due to the many features it offers when it comes to the community.

Hanging out with some cool people.

Overall Score: 92%

Reviewed by: Faith

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