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GhostX Review by Arbiter

GhostX is described by developer JC Entertainment as a metro action MMO. It has all the styling of an action MMO with a clean and captivating cel-shaded graphics style. From the beginning, it will remind you a lot of starting a brand new console game which I know for me was extremely exciting. It gave the game a lot more of a unexpected feel rather than the name/password standard MMO log-in screen.

GhostX is charming, but its character creation doesn’t offer a lot of customization and for most people, including me, attractive customization. There are about three hair, eye, face and clothing choices each. You are prompted to assign a few bonus stat points when you start, so like some newer games, feel free to research the game mechanics before actually jumping in to it.

It’s like if Gohan hit the streets... and it wasn’t Great Saiyaman that resulted.
After naming and designing the character and hitting complete, the game asks you if you want to proceed with the opening scene/tutorial. Enjoy the console-style development of the story. There’s some action and some adventure and all of it is not the norm in online gaming.

GhostX will seem like an amalgam of several other (good) games.

GhostX, although having its own levels of fun, will seem like many, many other established games. For many /gg FTW! members, it may seem like a fully 3D Dragonica, with fast paced action, simple controls and a variety of executable combos and skills. Without it even having to be explained, many players will already be double tapping the forward button to dash and use dashing attacks, launching mobs in to the air and air combo-ing them.

To those who haven’t played Dragonica, it will seem a lot like playing Zero in Mega Man X7. There’s dashing and melee combat, with cel-shaded graphics and a fully functional 3D environment. The main character also fights for an underground resistance operation and has a quirky, naïve attitude.
The interface and letterbox screens are a lot reminiscent of Shin Megami Tensai: Imagine Online, while the mission briefings on the world map seem like Armored Core.

The character has “ghosts” which it uses to transform and gain a weapon to fight with. This is pretty much the exact same idea as exocores from Rumble Fighter. While lacking in the ingenuity department, GhostX takes the best of each world and combines them for solid gameplay and experience. GhostX is not the freshest experience out there for hungry MMOGs. GhostX also has some negative qualities which could become irritating, like how the camera can’t be controlled, the tutorial is exciting, but generally uninformative and action will become repetitive with bad mob AI in the start (the dumb, but hit hard archetype). Even with that factored in, if you can manage not to get annoyed with how flirtatious your rebel leader is, GhostX is definitely worth giving a chance.

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