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Dungeon Fighter Online Review by Rhinehart

First Impression
Where have you been all my life, Dungeon Fighter? First thing's first, I love this game. Being a child of the 80's, I might like it more than some of you youngins. If you've ever played a classic beat-'em-up like Capcom's Final Fight series, Streets of Rage for the Sega Genesis, Double Dragon, Battletoads, any classic Konami arcade games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons or a number of others in the genre which has sort of died out these days, you'll love this game, too. It plays like a very advanced version of those classic beat-'em-ups I loved so much as a kid. This game really takes me back and makes me feel like a kid again. But, if you are a kid and you missed out on those games, you may as well start with Dungeon Fighter.

I'm only reviewing the first job types of each character. Not gonna go into all the different second jobs, but all of them are awesome.

Slayers are berserker types of warriors. As such, they're close quarters and they can be pretty threatening in the right hands. They get a nice juggle skill, too, from what I've seen. It sure hurts in PvP.

Fighters are fist-fighting players. Besides looking sexy, they also have some pretty sexy attacks. My favorites are Suplex and Seismic Punch. Suplex is self-explanitory if you know anything about wrestling, but if you don't, she grabs an enemy with both arms and leans way back, dropping them on their heads and any enemy who happens to be unfortunate enough to be behind you while doing this takes splash damage. Seismic Punch makes the fighter jump forward in an arc and punch the ground, causing the ground to break underneath her fist. Any enemies in its radius will take massive damage. I did this skill once to an enemy and Maso (a gunner friend of mine) used Punisher (a grab skill where the gunner stomps on an enemy, pins it down with their foot, then shoots it all kinds) on it right before he could shoot it. Maso was all like, "That looked painful".

Mages are awesome in this game, too. You can be a traditional, magical type of mage or you can go battle mage, which is really nice in this game, too (as opposed to most MMORPGs where battle mages just plain suck). I have friends who are pretty much all types of mages, including one who's an Elementalist. But, I went battle mage and I'm loving it so far.

For the first time ever in an MMORPG (as far as I know), priests are awesome. They're like Wolfwood, from Trigun, except without the guns. Not only are they great support characters, but girls drool over them and they're awesome fighters. Kind of like Fighters with buffs. Smasher and Furious Grab are my favorite skills so far.

Ranged attackers wielding guns with style. Tall and lanky, these guys seem to be the most popular characters in beta. When you get skills like Gatling Gun and Flame Thrower... is there really any way you couldn't be satisfied? Burn, baby, burn.

Gameplay 9/10
As I said above, this game plays like a classic Capcom 2D beat-'em-up arcade game while technically being an MMORPG with the traditional classes (and more on the way). In towns, you can talk to NPCs, accept quests, upgrade your equipment and meet other players, much like any other MMORPG, but in dungeons, you'll be fighting your way through various rooms to get to the boss. After the boss fight, you'll be ranked according to your scores in style (air combos will get you a lot of this) and Technique (it's called technic, though). The amount of EXP you get is pretty much whatever your score is in the end. After that, you can turn over cards (one's free, the other isn't) and try your luck at getting an item. Sometimes, you can get rares that way. There's a fatigue system added so players don't neglect themselves and die of starvation or something, too. Which is good, in its own way. But if you really want to keep playing, just make another character. You can make two per day. Play wisely, though.

The only complaint I have is about it being peer-to-peer. This causes lag to happen and can get really annoying really fast. If someone lags and you can't kill a monster or more, you can't advance to the next room until they relog (when someone DCs, they don't disappear until they attempt to log in again [which sucks very much bad for people who aren't lagging]). Since the game has a fatigue gauge for your character, if you have to leave a stage due to lag, you don't get your fatigue points back. It goes down for every room you visit in a dungeon and when it's empty, you can't play that character anymore for the day. This is a decent feature for making sure players don't neglect themselves, but when you're lagging, you're going to loathe it. That's pretty much the only reason the gameplay gets a 9 instead of a 10.

Graphics 10/10
I'm pretty biased towards 2D MMOs, but some 3D MMOs are still quite good and unique. 2D graphics like the ones in this game are part of what really takes me back. Not only does this game feel like a classic Capcom game, it looks like one, too. Though the sprites are drawn better since they are higher resolution, considering those classics were mostly 16-bit and all. It might just be my nostalgia talking, but I LOVE the graphics in this game.

Sound and Music 9/10
The music is more than you'd expect from a free MMORPG. It's actually quite good, especially in dungeons, and the sounds are outstanding. Fighters call out the names of their skills when they use 'em (well, some of 'em) and it feels like a classic fighting game. "Nen Shot!", even though I still call it "Hadouken!" although it actually looks more like a small "Endokuken!" (extra points if you know who does the Endokuken).

Community 9/10
All MMORPGs' communities tend to sour over time. So far, that hasn't happened much in beta, but that's what beta tends to be like. You're far more likely to meet nice people than total jerks. But when that day comes for DFO, the gameplay will be more than enough to keep me playing. Right now, the only annoyance is bots spamming advertisements for their scams in town. Ignore them and you'll be fine.

Publisher N/A
Well, the only other MMO I played by Nexon for any decent length of time was Maple Story years ago and don't even get me started on that. Nexon was extremely slow in updating the content for that game and that just made it even harder for people to play. Because there was only one or two PQs back then and...yeah. I don't wanna talk about Maple Story. Too many bad memories. My guild buddies seem to love Mabinogi, though. I have high hopes for this game. And considering Nexon hosts the other versions of the game, the future looks bright.

Anyway, this pretty much concludes my review of Dungeon Fighter. See you all in open beta!

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