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Atlantica Online Review

General Overview of the game:
Atlantica Online has honestly amazed me from the first time I played the game in CB1. The game went through three Closed Beta phases and is now currently in Open Beta, which shows that the developers actually care about the game and want to make it as bug-free as they possibly can. I've paid close attention to how the developers react with the community when they don't like something. A prime example would be the stamina system. They did a great job incorporating the stamina system into the game and fixing it's flaws with the communities help. This just shows me that they care about the community, unlike many other developers for other games out there.

The game is turn-based, which differentiates it from other games and is the reason I've grown to love the game so much. It's just a completely new genre of gaming compared to your point-and-click games. Atlantica also has so many things to offer in-game. Great game play, a great market system, guilds, nations, guild dungeons, nation dungeons, shadow dungeons, PvP (Player vs Player), PvM (Player vs Monster), crafting, many characters to choose from, etc. I will be going over some of the major points during my review of the game.

The Game play:
As previously stated, the game is a turn-based game. Many people may think that it's a slow-paced game because of this, but it's not. You can hire up to 8 Mercenaries along with your main character that you create at the beginning. You control all of them during battles.
There is also an in-game encyclopedia, at least that's what I like to call it. You can find a ton of information from it, from NPC locations, to item information, to mercenary information, etc. It proves to be extremely helpful in many situations.

The Game play: 9/10

The Atlantica World:
The world of Atlantica is similar to the world we live in. It takes place in many different counties and continents in the world. From Northern Europe to Northeast Asia to North America.

Currently some maps are not available, but will eventually be released, such as North America. You can travel across all of these towns, countries, continents during your game. There's also a Travel Agency in every town, which provides you with teleporting services to any towns you have been to in the past.

The Atlantica World: 8/10

The Market System:
I have found the Market system to be one of the most useful features in-game. Tired of parking your character overnight or on a different PC just to sell your items? Well, now with the market system, you can just throw in the items you want to sell, set a price and go back to leveling, questing or whatever you may be doing at the time.

There's also a great buying system in the market, which has a search feature. Just type in the item you want and voila, pick from a list of items you searched and see if anyone in Atlantica is selling the item(s) you need.

Market system: 10/10

The Guild System:
To create a guild in Atlantica, you must be level 20 and have 50,000 gold with you. When you first create the guild, it may only have a maximum capacity of four people. However as you level the guild, just by getting the guild experience as you level, the maximum capacity will increase. The maximum number of members a guild may have in the end is 40.

Another system with the guild I enjoy is guild points. You can get guild points from attendance, the game gives the guild an amount of guild points based on how active a guild is. You may also get guild points by doing guild quests and town quests, as well as using the guild crafting. With these points you can bid on a town for your guild to own for a period of time or buy guild dungeon keys.

Guild dungeons are tough areas that your whole guild may go to and you must clear all of the monsters in the dungeon as well as a boss in the last area of the dungeon. The rewards aren't too bad for completing these guild dungeons and also award your guild with guild points.

The Guild System: 8/10

The Town System:
Once your guild has enough guild points to get a town, your guild will own a town and your guild will receive the towns taxes. Only the guild leader may take these funds. The guild leader is mainly the only person that can use the town system. They can make buildings in your town, put trees in your town, etc. Also when you have a town, when wandering around the world of Atlantica, you see random NPCs moving around, such as Merchants, Wandering girls, etc. You may persuade these NPCs to move to your town, so your population may increase.
I don't have much experience with the town system, so there's not much more I can explain about it.

Shadow Dungeons:
These dungeons are usually extremely hard if you go into them at the level required to enter. They are meant for partying. If you run into only one mob of monsters, there will always be two more mobs of them joining, which makes it extremely difficult unless partied with other players. I enjoy these dungeons mainly because it allows you to interact with other players that may be doing the same quests as you, which lets you meet new people.

Shadow Dungeons: 10/10

Player vs Player System:
The PvP in this game is quite outstanding. There are many different ways of doing it. You may just want a friendly battle with a friend, which you can just initiate by right clicking them and asking to battle. There are also many other systems implemented in the game to make PvP much more enjoyable.
There is a system called the "Free League". The Free League usually starts every couple of hours and lasts for one hour. You can apply to join it and it will match you up with a random person that has joined as well. You gain division ranks as you win in the free league. You start off at Division 18 and lower yourself as you win. Division 1 being the highest division you can reach by winning. You also get a decent amount of money for winning as well as other rewards.

The PvP is a little unbalanced at some points, but the developers have been trying their hardest to try and balance it as much as possible and I think they've done a pretty good job up-to-date on it.

The PvP also requires a lot of strategies if you really do plan on winning, which I enjoy considering it makes you think about what you're going to do next as well as strategically thinking what you'll be doing in the next couple of turns.

Player vs Player System: 9/10

Player vs Monster System:
The PvM in Atlantica is pretty exciting. It's a little slow at the beginning but it gets a big boost in excitement later on. Monsters start to get harder and it's difficult to accomplish some things without a party. The monsters can use different skills on you, as well as being intelligent at times. An example of this would be when all of the monsters attack one single mercenary of yours, bringing it to near-death or maybe even killing it.

There is also many mini-bosses and bosses as you go along. Some of them are easy, some tend to be a bit more difficult, but with the right strategy you can take them down.

Player vs Monster System: 9/10

Crafting System:
This is one of my favorite systems implemented in the game. There are so many different crafting skills you can learn to do. There are over 30 different crafting skills you can learn from. They range from crafting Armors, to Rings, to Scrolls, to Medicine, to Food, etc. What makes this system unique to other games is that once you become an Artisan in a specific crafting skill, you can teach anyone else the crafting skills. You become an Artisan at level 11 in a specific crafting skill and may level any ones crafting from level 1~11 as long as they have the necessary experience in their crafting skill to acquire the next level. You gain the title of Craftsman at level 21 crafting and then the next title is at level 51.

There is a list of the different Artisans that may be able to level your crafting skills. I found this feature very convenient and helps a lot.

When crafting something, you'll receive a workload. You work off the workload by gaining experience. Which means, once you start crafting, you'll get the workload and then you go back about your business of questing/grinding, etc, as you work off the workload to finish crafting.

There is also another very convenient feature for crafting that's called "Auto-Crafting". You acquire this skill from a quest around level 40 or if you've got the money, you can buy the auto-craft action from the market. The auto-craft feature can be leveled by buying more actions or crafting them yourself. As you level your auto-crafting the speed you gain workload increases. This feature is amazingly convenient because you can just set yourself auto-crafting while you are out, at work/school or sleeping.

Picture of how autocrafting looks while being used.

Crafting System: 10/10

Overall gaming impressions:
Atlantica Online is a game that I honestly would recommend to everyone. It's one of the games I've enjoed the most in the last couple of years. It's a refreshing game that differentiates from so many games out there. There's so much the game can offer, and it's just simply a great game. The things I mentioned during my review don't come close to how much more content there is in the game. The game is pretty challenging, which makes it even more enjoyable, since it's not like the typical MMO out there, where you hack and slash at the same monsters for hours and hours just to level.

Overall score for the game: 9/10


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