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GhostX Review by Arbiter

GhostX is described by developer JC Entertainment as a metro action MMO. It has all the styling of ...

November 25th

Shaiya Review by Arbiter

Shaiya Online appears to be a beautiful, mystical and generally engaging world of fantasy on the ...

November 20th

Shattered Galaxy Review by Geowil

Shattered Galaxy is a Free to Play MMO Strategy game (but you can also pay for some bonuses) where ...

November 9th

Dragonica Review by Arbiter

Dragonica Online is a 3D side scrolling action adventure game developed by Barunson Interactive and ...

October 23rd

Lunia Review by Gladiat

Lunia: Record of Lunia War is a free-to-play, MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing ...

October 14th

Dragon Sky Review by Arbiter

Most people, including myself, go in to a Martial Arts MMO (MAMMO) with the impression that they are ...

October 10th

Pangya Review by Adun

Pangya, also known as Albatross18, is an online multiplayer golfing simulation game developed by ...

October 8th

Tales Runner Review by SpinSpinBunny

TalesRunner... you could call it a MMO, but I’d call it a racing game. It deals with many players ...

October 7th

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Review by zgmfx09a

Super Deformed Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, or SDGO for short, is a third person (or mecha, if you ...

October 5th

Three Kingdoms Review by Arbiter

Having free time from seriously playing any one MMO has broadened my horizons to explore different ...

October 2nd

Mir2 Review by Adun

Mir2 is part of a trilogy of MMORPGs originating in Korea. It’s been very well received by South ...

September 30th

Rumble Fighter Review by Arbiter

Rumble Fighter is an MMO that isn’t quite an MMO. It is completely room based and can be somewhat ...

September 28th

Dungeon Fighter Online Review by Rhinehart

First Impression Where have you been all my life, Dungeon Fighter? First thing's first, I love this ...

September 25th

S.U.N. Review by Pauliewoggy

Introduction From official site: “MMORPG representing the perfect balance between advantages of ...

September 24th

AdventureQuest Worlds Review by multippt

Introduction: AdventureQuest Worlds, or AQWorlds for short, is a free-to-play 2D flash-based MMORPG ...

September 23rd

MapleStory Review by Faith

Introduction Maple Story is a free to play, side scrolling, massive multiplayer online role ...

September 15th


Taken form the official english site The universe was born in a sea of darkness and chaos. This ...

September 7th

La Tale

Info: Taken from the official site: In this tale, though, the story of adventure and discovery ...

September 7th

Atlantica Online Review

General Overview of the game: Atlantica Online has honestly amazed me from the first time I played ...

September 6th



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