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Do the publisher's employees maintain professionalism? Do they avoid the appearance of favortism, flaming users, etc.?
How is the publisher's support? Is it timely and helpful? Do you get human responses instead of robo-replies?
Do the publisher's GMs interact with the community? Do they host events and are the events compelling? Are they active on the forums?
Are updates timely? Do updates present a good mix of new content and cash shop (if applicable)? Are bugs fixed in a timely manner?
CodeCynthetik - 02-18-2011
I would advise that you stay away from their games. Not because Outspark is a bad company, but because their games are so boring and horrid. And some of you may have noticed that 3 of their games are look-a-likes of another game. They need to stop making contracts with Chinese developers, because as ultimatescatman said and Endgame pointed out: China is KNOWN for copying Korean and American games(by copying, I mean stealing games like Everquest, literally stealing their files), give it a different name and make a buck off it. Because Chinese government does not believe in virtual copyright, they can easily get away with it. That's why the majority of Goldsellers/Goldfarmers/Power leveling services in popular MMOs are Chinese, and it's extremely difficult for publishers like Blizzard to file lawsuits. This is one of the reasons why it's difficult for KoG(Elsword's developer) to sue CDCGames(Fists of FU/East Fantasy Developer) even though Fists of FU is a a blatant STOLEN copy of Elsword. This is also why Fists of FU sparked controversy at the start of closed beta. If you don't believe me, look up "Elsword" on their forums and look for posts dated at around June 2010. That is, if OS doesn't delete it.

Did I mention most Chinese games, are just HORRIBLE? Those games, especially Outspark's games make Frogger look epic. The only reason any publisher would consider buying China's games is simply because it's cheaper than Korean games.

Gee, I wonder why CDC chose Outspark as their US publisher. (i.e Discussion of Non-Outspark games is not permitted.)

Here's something interesting I've found - Outspark's tickets are HTML based, even in emails, and they will backpedal their statements simply by editing their tickets and erasing any content from them, even in emails. If you are playing Outspark's games, you are greatly advised to save any and all of the support tickets you make with Outspark, because if you happen to bring them up, they will erase them and act as if it never happened.

In both their games and forums, Outspark's community makes George Orwell's book, 1984, look like a democracy.(Good book btw.) Right now, the forums are dead. Even the mods don't spend as much time there as they used to. When they do get active, threads get locked. Valid complaints about the game and service, even constructive criticisms by players with good intents, get deleted and the player possibly banned. Outspark is the worst place on the internet to exercise your first amendment rights. Apparently, the only people who have no chance of getting banned are the forum's asslickers, even if they did admit to breaking the rules. (Does this remind anyone of Ntreev?)

Anyway, whether you associate yourself with Outspark's games or not is your decision, not mine, or not any of the reviewers on the GGftw page. I am merely here to express my thoughts in response to the fellow reviewers below me. If you want to play their games, go ahead. You are very likely to not be happy with their services and find their games boring to play.
neodrakeflare - 02-12-2011
Community wise they are like totalitarian country no freedom of speech or do they give a damn about the community they have created.
Endgame - 02-06-2011
Outspark is scum.

They knowingly host games that are CHINESE RIP-OFFS THAT BLATANTLY STEAL THE SOURCE CODES OF KOREAN GAMES. (I'm sure you all know that Fists of Fu = Elsword by now.) And they use such deplorable advertising methods such as having sites redirect to their YouTube advertisements. Not even opening in a new window, just redirecting you, meaning you have to go back.

And I decided to kill some time by trolling their followers on the Fists of Fu boards, and even that wasn't fun. They're so god damn stupid and too easy to troll. That's the kind of people it takes to support Outspark.

I can't wait until Elsword gets a US release. Not only because Elsword is currently my favorite MMORPG but I cannot find the motivation to play the taiwanese version anymore knowing that I'll eventually start over again, but also because it'll be hillarious to see Outspark get what's coming to them. It will be GLORIOUS.
ultimatescatman54 - 01-13-2011
Before I give Outspark a grade, let me point a few things out.

1.) Why the HELL would you need 3 Closed Betas for one game? Then Open Beta. It's like OS doesn't know the difference between open Beta and release. You only need 1 CB, then an Open Beta, that's it. It's because of this, that players get bored and quit before their game's Open Beta release.

2.) Why is it, that they release games, they will close it down without Warning? We have hundreds of people still Waiting for Dance Groove Online's release, even a year after Outspark shut it down. Their Youtube Channel remains untouched, and this publisher has yet to make any form of announcements regarding Blackshot, Erebus, and DGO's shutdown.

4.) What's with the forum censorship? Their forum isn't a community anymore, it's just filled with retarded GMs, CSRs, paid to abuse their power, lock threads for no reason, limit discussions, and deleting links.Moderators are like watchdogs that stare at their monitors for 18 hours a day. If you check their forums, you will see that all of the game's forums, except Fiesta, are just not that active. No one wants to be in a forum where their Free Speech rights are stripped.

5.) Why is it that when one player screws up, Outspark punishes the whole community? That's why links, and avatars were disabled. Instead of banning the person posting links to porn, they take it out on everyone else. They will delete any links, and that will include OS affiliated links. Players have been known for getting banned for posting a link to Outspark's facebook page.

6.) Why do you feel that it's necessary to spam Fiesta video ads all over the internet? Emphasis on the word, SPAM. Porn sites, Anime Sites, Personal Dating websites and other places where 99% of people getting these ads are not gamers, thus not even interested in playing their games, but instead very annoyed by the ad's loud music and the fact that it constantly will pop up on every page refresh. This is a very smart attempt on their part. An attempt to scare away potential customers. Does Outspark even know their target audience before setting off those ads? Did I also mention that Outspark broke Youtube's ToS agreement just for Mass Advertising?

7.) Why do you host the worst MMOs in history? I mean seriously, Windslayer is another Maplestory rip-off. Project powder is dead, and Solstice and Fists of FU are borefests. You close two of your best games, Blackshot and Dance Groove Online for your WORST hosted and needless to mention you most controversial game, Fists of FU. Those two games had so much potential. Fiesta was once a decent game, until the point where it turned into a cash Grind-A-Thon.(This reminds me of Flyff, yay) Without cashing, new players will find it extremely difficult to level. So why do you host bad games? Is it because you co-signed a contract with a Chinese game company? Where China is well known for getting away with making a buck off of stealing Korean and American game files and remaking them as their own. And not just game files, look up China steals Disneyland on Youtube.

8.) Why do you always leave your games for dead? Project Powder is rampant with Brazillian hackers, and you do nothing about it. Windslayer has no updates for a year and a half, and yet the Korean version are 2 years ahead of them in updates.(funny how you ban discussion on Korean versions of you games, and yet you never update your own.) You've rarely host events for any of your left behind games, except cash related. These two games, (and Fists of FU very close to fate) have been left unattended for a long time. All that's left for each of Outspark's games, is a small community waiting for a content update that could easily be obtained by contacting the developers.

To wrap this up, if I had to describe Outspark it'd be this: They are similar to a bunch of 16 year olds hosting a Private server. They also fail at attracting half decent customers, and their rules and they way they run their games only drives players away.

Go ahead and play Outspark's games. Be warned, that you will be emotionally screwed over, if not financially and will be set up for disappointment when OS abandons the game you're playing, or possibly shut it down.
CodeCynthetik - 11-18-2010
This my friends, describes Outspark. So desperate for customers that they resort to spamming every site on the internet.

For more interesting information. Click on my name and check out the thread
mattycal - 11-18-2010
when you sign up for outspark, you lose your freedom of speech rights so they will ban u for talking about stuff that makes them butthurt... the gms there are douchebags... and also Outspark left most of their games for dead for their newer games. thats pretty much all they care about. they are into the new games and not care about the other ones. Fist of fail for example.
Kamakos - 11-04-2010
Your Freedom of Speech is limited on Outspark. The problem with Outspark is they take the lightest criticism too personally and delete the thread. I've gotten my threads deleted when I stated that Fiesta needed more updates. The off-topic sections are not so offtopic, as the most innocent of threads are often locked and deleted.

Also, outspark doesn't like to get butthurt. So they will filter anything that they think might ruin their reputation, which proves their lack of professionalism.

I lost all respect for Outspark after they've abandoned Fiesta. Try having to deal with Roar spammers, reporting them several times, and nothings been done.
nekoaikochan - 11-04-2010
there games suck. and try getting banned for saying the word "Elsword". gms like to delete threads that violate our free speech rights when we voice our opinions
TwilightErasus - 11-04-2010
Also, even if they state they take action against fraudulent activity, don't you find it strange when they say that they aren't responsible for it?
TwilightErasus - 11-04-2010
Outspark doesn't keep their word about the cash shop. I got a $50 charge on my credit card, when I only cashed $10. I contacted the company via ticket, taking two weeks to get a response. "Outspark will not be held responsible for any charges made to the account. Including unauthorized charges." When I simply stated that I only charged once, and they charge me an extra $50, they terminated my account. So I contacted my bank and had the charges revoked.

When you cash for Outspark, do it at your own risk. If you notice any unauthorized charge on your credit card, contact your bank immediately, and refute the charges.



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