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Do the publisher's employees maintain professionalism? Do they avoid the appearance of favortism, flaming users, etc.?
How is the publisher's support? Is it timely and helpful? Do you get human responses instead of robo-replies?
Do the publisher's GMs interact with the community? Do they host events and are the events compelling? Are they active on the forums?
Are updates timely? Do updates present a good mix of new content and cash shop (if applicable)? Are bugs fixed in a timely manner?
Demolitions - 04-01-2010
They replied to my mail, they said wait, I told them I've been waiting for weeks now. They told me that I should send another mail regarding my issue, but that won't speed up the reply. Never got my reply.

Wonder if they will implent the system where your account gets banned for being inactive and not spending myshop. Lol. I forgot that one game that does that, when you don't play for 3 months, your account is deleted.
MinaBina - 03-31-2010
~Basically their banning system is 100% stupid. Pity to those hard working Ntreev cash users who spend thousands of dollars, and share internet by routers. They just ban you from their sites just cause you have the same IP... Pretty stupid.
~The GM's have favorites its obvious in game.
~They send you auto replies and do not read the whole ticket. -.-
~GM's like Syn do not deserve to be a GM.
Broken - 02-26-2010
OMG Ntreev. I once loved you for bringing us Trickster.
The love faded when i've sent my first 1:1, after...

- your GMs told me to resubmit when it doesn't get answered. Which i did and ... they never got answered. The first reply i got was via E-mail... when it was too late and i chargebacked ~2K bucks, deleted my chars and said i'd quit. Even though i came back and played another Char on another account for 3~5 Month.
- your Game started to lag, cos you made a server "upgrade" which felt like a downgrade. Potspamming wasn't possible anymore.
- you nerfed HV/LK. So it was pointless for me to have 1K HV non Meta and People where still Raping my poor Coonie.
- you Banned People for saying the Word "Coon".
- you became too greedy and destroyed the Game with too hax MS Equips.

I could go on with that, but i won't. I've rated Ntreev with a 1 everywhere except the last 2 Points. Maintenance: I don't know how it is nowadays, but back then the Maints were timely. Ok, it was alot of Cashshop stuff, but it got better with releasing more and more Game Content (the Episodes).

Interaction: gave them a 2 here. Why not 1? Well, i remember the Time when Ntreev had good GMs. Playing Hide&Seek, lurking around ingame to Teleport random persons into Bossrooms... Join PvP to Summon Preds everywhere etc.
That was only the 1st year though. >_> Crippled down after the 1st anni. lol

Ntreev's Support sucks Balls. It doesn't matter if they've improved. They sucked for almost 2 years, cos of the broken 1:1 system. The lies they told us didn't made it better.
If people call that "Professionalism", then GG. Ntreev has found the bunch of People they're looking for.

There are way better Companies out there. Just look what they made out of Pangya. Now that Game has Gacha too. lol. Too bad OGP lost the rights to keep it running. Would've been better in their hands.

lolwut? D: They ban people for that now? D:
MinaBina - 02-17-2010
ntreev was an awesome company that i stuck around with for 3 years, but I guess if you are a loyal customer and actually take the time to report infractions... you get your ass handed to you. not a card, just a delicious perma banned and a side dish of IP ban just to top it off. GG i love you ntreev!
Shanni - 02-02-2010
Banning for speaking a different language in public chat? Ridiculous.
Chelf - 01-07-2010
@iRoserade: Bug fixes in Grand Chase, but not in their other two games. Pangya has had bugs since the LAUNCH of Ntreev USA Pangya.
CodeCynthetik - 01-06-2010
Honestly, I never expected Ntreev to get a bad rating, but in all seriousness, am I the only one who never pays attention to grades/ratings but instead actually reads comments?

Anyways, I honestly think an "F" is a bit much. "D" Perhaps...

I'll give you my long ass comment of the company itself.

Professionalism: (F) If I can describe it in one word, it'd be "Lacking". As others have stated, there's a large chunk of favoritism within the company. Players get banned left and right with no evidence of wrong doing and other players who trolled or blatantly violate the ToS go off scott free. And forum bans cannot be appealed.

GM Bawkzie - Unfortunately, forum bans cannot be appealed or lifted per the forum team's decision.

So if you feel as though your ban was a mistake, you are out of luck. Plus it counts as your permanent record.

1:1 Support tickets takes weeks to get a reply from even the automated message, before a GM comes to read it.

Ask a question on the forums, and when a GM posts, they never answer your questions directly, except perhaps GM Loki.

Support - I'd give them a D-. Rarely have they ever give you tech support. It's always from the players who give you solutions to an issue. CujoEXL was one, and kudos to him.

Interaction: I'd give them an A. That is their only redeeming quality. They host events every 1-2 weeks, all of them are actually pretty fun. Tournaments and Contests... Hmm. I do not know of any publishing company who gives out very good offline prizes.(I wanted the iPod. xD 35 Gacha coins. Sweet!)

Maintenence - I'd give them a C. Most of the major bugs, I said MAJOR, have been fixed in a timely manner. They hosts events weekly on Grand Chase, but staff members constantly overlook the bugs that have been running about in the game for almost a year. Some GMs claimed to have fixed( GC Club room expulsion glitch: where Hosts can kick players immediately before starting a match.) but are still there. Some advice to Ntreev: Test your fixes before concluding that in your patch notes. Please.

That's all I have for a comment. I hope Ntreev reads these comments and learn from them.
Globalastro - 01-05-2010
iDanny wrote: "Most of the people rating are either banned or just don't like their services."... There is a reason they "just dont like their services" Hence the whole purpose of rating.
NoeJeko - 01-04-2010
I find that hilarious how someone can say "Most of the people rating are either banned or just don't like their services." without even knowing who has rated.
iDanny - 01-04-2010
Ntreev Doesn't Lack Professionlism They card flaming users I dont see GM'S favorting most players now thier 1:1 supports takes almost from 5-10min. For me Its prettey good. For interaction the GMs play Every frekin week. They host a brawl for an hour and some even play more. Maintenance They fix bugs of course they update fast you can't expect a game without a patch to be bugless that's really dumb Most of the people rating are either banned or just don't like their services.



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