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Do the publisher's employees maintain professionalism? Do they avoid the appearance of favortism, flaming users, etc.?
How is the publisher's support? Is it timely and helpful? Do you get human responses instead of robo-replies?
Do the publisher's GMs interact with the community? Do they host events and are the events compelling? Are they active on the forums?
Are updates timely? Do updates present a good mix of new content and cash shop (if applicable)? Are bugs fixed in a timely manner?
HeadSpinning - 04-13-2010
Nexon has maybe 300 people trying to staff 5 million people. F is a bit... HARSH for interaction, but robo-responses should not be done!
mamoru - 01-03-2010
Nexon is a good publisher in that they manage to keep updates steady. However, don't bet on getting your queries satisfied by their response team. Nexon also seems to be homeland to the dirtier sides of MMO community. Nexon also seems to turn a blind eye towards hackers and goldbots in their games: Mabinogi and Dungeon Fighter Online are clear examples of such.
SOC - 11-19-2009
Very professional, with a passion for staying related to their game, putting on shows, really engaging the players in the world of their game. The updates and maintenance are a nice, huge balance of game content and cash shop updates. The maintenances generally go fast and problem free. Support is always overwhelmed with the huge amount of players, so it can take time to get replied, but I've always been handled on a reasonable basis outside of game. In game, however, it is rare to see a GM on and doing things, but some times you will catch one or two every few months. The GMs also hold "GM Sighting" events some times, which shows that they're trying. With more interaction, Nexon could be a very good free gaming company. Still, though, MapleStory was sooo much better in the old days before Nexon showed. Ohhh well...
xEternal - 11-16-2009
They look quite professional and stuff, but service and interaction is mainly FAILURE.
Maintenence is very often, though. Still, if staff interacted and held events more often it would be WAY more fun.
Arbiter - 11-16-2009
They're generally good people, with bad service.

Getting anything resolved in Mabinogi takes a small army and that entire small army better be diligent.

Issues on the official forums are quick, but never completely.

Issues in-game can take any varying amount of time, regardless of severity, if ever answered.
james - 11-15-2009
Nexon has come a very long way.
Most of us started with MapleStory, and remember that the experience was horrible.
Now they are managing great games, such as Mabinogi and Dungeon Fighter.
lol - 11-12-2009
agree with above
Noperative - 11-12-2009
They've really improved since I first started Maplestory. Not the best, but definitely not ruining the game.
Joey - 11-12-2009
Overall, Nexon does a good job. They maintain complete professionalism, showing absolutely no favoritism and being completely polite in all circumstances.

The support system is pretty lacking, but honestly, they DO have to sift through thousands of tickets a day, most of which are completely unresolvable.

Interaction is lacking in games like MapleStory, but is actually surprisingly good in games like Mabinogi, where GM's like Boogeyman can be found around town every now and then.

For the most part they keep the original times for their scheduled maintenances (of course, after the Mabinogi: Pioneers of Iria disaster, messing up the schedule could very well lose them some players).

This is why I personally think they deserve an overall grade of B.



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