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Games by Kill3rCombo:
Do the publisher's employees maintain professionalism? Do they avoid the appearance of favortism, flaming users, etc.?
How is the publisher's support? Is it timely and helpful? Do you get human responses instead of robo-replies?
Do the publisher's GMs interact with the community? Do they host events and are the events compelling? Are they active on the forums?
Are updates timely? Do updates present a good mix of new content and cash shop (if applicable)? Are bugs fixed in a timely manner?
CodeCynthetik - 03-02-2012
I think more than enough time has passed before I write this review. My impressions of KC are mostly positive, and this is someone who's had bad experiences with horrible publishers and thus not the easiest to please.

Kill3rCombo has really exceeded my expectations for a company. For an overall grade, I'm giving them an A.

Professionalism - I give an A for that. I don't see a pinch of favoritism from the staff members anywhere. They host contests so frequently for the community to partake in, and reward as much as $20-$30 in KChing. The events they host in-game are decent. Not to mention that the biggest redeeming quality, that sadly not many publishers have, is that they listen to the community. We have a wonderful staff member watching over the community, and listens to our concerns, and forwards them to the KC team. Kill3rCombo puts their own community above everything else and this is the main reason why this is such a good company.

Maintenence - I'm giving them an A for that. They perform weekly updates, and maintenence in a timely manner, and they've only ran into maintenence issues at least twice. So every Wednesday, we get a major patch. So everyone gets spoonfed with content so often.

Interaction: For those of you who has played League of Legends and lurk their forums....KC's interaction is more of a lighter version of it. GMs hang around the forums and interact with us once in a while. Some of them troll in fact. And like I said, there's a Community Organizer that listens to our concerns and forwards them to the Kill3rCombo team.

Support: I'm shocked with their support. I've never seen a publisher with CS staff members who respond to tickets within 20 minutes after sending them. It's that fast. However, the only thing I find somewhat questionable is the accuracy from the tickets.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this company and grateful for what they've given us this past year. Good job, Kill3rCombo, and keep up the good work.
Tsubayumi - 04-21-2011
One minus: it allows to play only those who live in the USA, Canada or Oceania...
I really wanted to try elsword tho Q_Q
i like the game but the european version is german and its impossible for me to join a guild or communicate since i can't speak german...
Raikaria - 04-13-2011
Why does this have a rateing already? KillerCombo is a new company, and their only game isn't even in OBT yet. How about we wait to see what happens when they open a cash shop, or start having to do updates before we rate this company?

Although, I'm hoping it remains worthy of the grades it has.



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