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Do the publisher's employees maintain professionalism? Do they avoid the appearance of favortism, flaming users, etc.?
How is the publisher's support? Is it timely and helpful? Do you get human responses instead of robo-replies?
Do the publisher's GMs interact with the community? Do they host events and are the events compelling? Are they active on the forums?
Are updates timely? Do updates present a good mix of new content and cash shop (if applicable)? Are bugs fixed in a timely manner?
Mega - 11-01-2010
ijji, I have known you for 2 years now and oh how you've changed. I've been playing Lunia for almost 4 years and ijji has been running it the last 2 so I thought it was probably time to rate them.

I do think the employees at ijji are professional, they don't seem to pay attention to a certain game more than others (but I've only played a couple of their games).

The support is....ok? Sometimes it takes a while to get a response from them, but they usually help you out to the best of their ability. pretty low in Lunia. Yes they have events, but they're very boring for the higher level players (maybe it's just because I've been playing it so long?) some events are extra experience over the weekend, or a screenshot event, and we've had a couple of other special events (like a free character out of the cash shop for everyone, and a character creation contest to implement the next character into the game). However, the GMs hardly EVER go on to the game to talk with the community there, they usually talk to people through the forums or facebook.

Maintenance: Use to be really good when we transferred to them 2 years ago, we use to have a constant flow of new content. It seems now that they've been updating too fast and we've caught up to the korean version where we hardly have any content to get updated. Once you get into myth you've pretty much hit the end until you either rebirth (going back to level 1 for more stats) or wait for new content (at least 3+ months lately). As for the bugs, it seems only they can fix them over in Korea (unless it was an screw up on ijji's end) so we have to wait until we get the update that had the bug fixes.

Overall though, ijji is a pretty good company, they just need to come up with better events for the higher level players, and find out how to better support the people who have bigger problems with games than some of us.
Red - 03-07-2010
ijji is trying to get in touch with its users more now. I see that it's trying some social media such as Facebook and actually 'conversing' with the fans. Who knows, may its bogus.
Gladiat - 11-21-2009
IMO, Ijji does really good with the updates. They deserve a high score there. The support makes me run around in circles... and they aren't very professional.

I don't really see any "GM events" in the games... mostly they just go on, talk, leave to work or play a few matches of PvP and go back to work. not much there.

I don't think the current score brings them justice. A C- on Maintenance is too low, but the other scores are pretty close to what I gave them.
Red - 11-20-2009
ijji's helpdesk sucks? Bad GM support?

A very quick reply to a forum rant by GM_Rak sounds like good service to me.
mamoru - 11-15-2009
ijji does a very good job at keeping up with content. I don't necessarily like the GM's conduct, but they do manage to give response (albeit sometimes useless) to the player's queries.
NoeJeko - 11-15-2009
Well, the confidence on all ratings is pretty low right now, heh. They'll stabilize more as more people rate the games/publishers.
Red - 11-15-2009
Wow....I don't believe this rating. I think people were dishonest and immature about this.
CursedScar - 11-15-2009
I don't believe Ijji deserves all the flaming. They're a FREE game portal, so you have to take into account that they aren't able to do everything.

They're professionalism is lacking, but they're not a bunch of drooling zombies hitting the keyboard with they're heads. They try to fix major bugs (The Rollback glitch) on time and quickly. They did a pretty good job of fixing that issue. C-

They're support is crappy. You can't really get help when you need it.

GM interaction is horrible. No events. No GM's showing up so it actually deserves a F-.

I'm with Xpec on maintenance. They provide up with Bimonthly updates that are usually quiet large. All the bugs people complain about, are also in klunia. They can't exactly fix bugs, that aren't even fixed in the original version.
Xpecial - 11-14-2009
The score for Ijji surprised me.

Though I feel that Ijji isn't the best of hosts, but it is by far not one of the worse.

I agree that the forums are a huge mess and thus professionalism on several grounds are lacking, but a lot of it is just 5 year olds qqing over an infraction.

I also agree that their support isn't the best, they rarely spend time given human responses and the support system often ends up going in circles. Lack of manpower, I would say.

I haven't seen a GM in the game in forever, but once upon a time, they were there and I suppose that's why this grade is the highest? I don't know.

This is where I am really surprised. Ijji brought GLunia from being nearly a year behind KLunia to only weeks or just a month behind. Ijji accomplished more in updates than all the other publishers combined in even a third of the other two's combined time. Whereas the only thing lacking in these updates are the fail CS updates, wouldn't it be more important that we get new content over cash shop anyways? Personally, I gave Ijji an "A" on Maintenance. The rest, let's just say the current grades reflect it quite well.



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