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Do the publisher's employees maintain professionalism? Do they avoid the appearance of favortism, flaming users, etc.?
How is the publisher's support? Is it timely and helpful? Do you get human responses instead of robo-replies?
Do the publisher's GMs interact with the community? Do they host events and are the events compelling? Are they active on the forums?
Are updates timely? Do updates present a good mix of new content and cash shop (if applicable)? Are bugs fixed in a timely manner?
LaTale - 10-19-2010
I remember when once forgot some special code for some character in one of their games.
"You forgot it? You'll have to pay to get it back."
I was not amused. ಠ_ಠ
Shiki - 12-03-2009
Best part is we have to pay to get accounts unbanned. Their money grubbing friends at ntreev does not,and ntreev would be willing to unban provided you have evidence,while Asiasoft goes "no money no talk".
dew - 11-30-2009
Yes, AsiaSoft have close off lots of their games. But i don't think the Support really bad.

With their official website update now, I can directly have a real-time chat with their customer support.

I've played RappelzSEA until the game closed (lol) it's up for 3 years with no cash shop, and the GMs really friendly and they do sometime listen to their customer complaints.
We whining the their forum how the game lack of players, asking them to do something, and they did do something to attract more players such as Friend Referral Program, and Event for new players. But its not successful i guess. But at least they tried and listen to us.
Shirakani - 11-15-2009
I have several family members who played PangyaSEA, and were excited for an SEA version of Grand Chase when it came out. They spent a lot of cash on the games, only to have them prematurely killed off after a year. To say that this company does not give any confidence for a 'long term' relationship is an understatement. Play their games, just don't spend a cent.
Miyuki - 11-15-2009
Agree on dropping games without any compensation, even if they doesn't covers most what players have spent on that certain games.

Love to "adopt" new games, then "killed" them off...should I say...this publisher is murderous?
Delusion95 - 11-15-2009
Asiasoft, undoubtedly self-proclaimed Leader of South-East Asia, is made of fail for the leadership. They handled things badly most of the time, and closed games like KongkongSEA, DaL (due to publisher going bankruptcy), PangyaSEA, GrandchaseSEA and a few more. The community in most of the game are bad, by looking in the forums, you could see flames anywhere. Their support is equivalent to fail. Some players have been requesting for support since 2007, and still get the same message at 2009, by the famous qbox, now ibox.
Shiki - 11-13-2009
Their games,except save MapleSEA, don't get patches,and if they do, it's irregular.

PangyaSEA was an example coolbluex was saying about. They dropped the game even AFTER releasing the game for a year or so. People who spent cash on it didn't get any compensation at all.
coolbluex - 11-12-2009
They drop games whenever they like and without compensation or warning. There was also a mass hacking incident on maple which they did not handle well at all...



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