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Updates to /gg FTW Portal

We've revised our homepage to make information easier to access for everyone.  We've replaced the ...

November 24th

Karos Online CBT3 Keys

/gg FTW, in cooperation with NHN Corporation, is giving away beta keys for Karos Online. To be part ...

November 24th

Comments on /gg FTW Content

In addition to our previous announcement today regarding Report Card and Digg integration, we've now ...

November 19th

Digg, Report Cards in /gg FTW Content

As part of our rollout of the new Report Cards application we've now integrated the grading system ...

November 18th

/gg FTW! Announces New Rating Section

Over the last couple of weeks we've been in active development on a new game rating system. We're ...

November 16th

/gg FTW! Christmas Laptop Giveaway

Merry Christmas from /gg FTW! We know you like getting cool stuff for Christmas so Gavist Media is ...

November 2nd

Where Was /gg FTW?

Today at around 3AM PST we suffered a failure on one of the server's hard drives.  Everything seems ...

October 30th

IAH Dragonica Trick-or-Treat

Hey guys! /gg FTW! and IAHgames are providing treats for your Dragonica trick-or-treating! Simply ...

October 30th

Congrats Dragonica Guide Winners

/gg FTW! is pleased to announce the winners of our IAH Dragonica guide contest.  We had a lot of ...

October 27th

WonderKing Online CBT3 Key Giveaway

/gg FTW! is giving away keys to Ndoors' WonderKing Online CBT3! Visit our WonderKing CBT giveaway ...

October 13th

CTRacer Giveaway Event

/gg FTW, in cooperation with GameNetworks, is giving away some codes that could win you a Logitech ...

October 11th

/gg FTW! Tales Runner Welcome Package

/gg FTW! and Tales Runner have partnered up to invite you on a unique journey into the Realm of ...

October 8th

Dragonica Pets PWN Giveaway

We're giving away 1,000 codes for a level 20 pets as part of the recent update on IAHGames ...

October 7th

The Heroes of the Kingdom Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone that made this event a success! We had a lot of great entries and could only ...

October 5th

Dragonica Mid Autumn Festival Key Giveaway Extended!

Hi Dragonicans!  The Dragonica Mid-Autumn Festival key giveaway has just been recharged with 1,000 ...

October 5th

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