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/gg FTW! Social Feed Updates, 8/26

We've been diligently working to expand the social feed to encompass more of the site and its ...

August 26th

/gg FTW! Speed Level Up

Hi everyone, Around 8AM PST on August 25th, we deployed a content delivery network (CDN) aimed at ...

August 25th

/gg FTW! Social Feed Updates, 8/19

I know, it's been less than 24 hours since the release of our social feed features and we're already ...

August 19th

Announcing the /gg FTW! Social Feed

Greetings all! It's been a while since anyone heard much from me. I've been busy with school but ...

August 19th

/gg FTW Reaches 1 Million Posts

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our brilliant community and volunteer staff for all your ...

May 4th

/gg FTW Connectivity Issues

As many of you noticed we had some issues with the server's connectivity today.  The issues were ...

March 10th

Dungeon Bandits Closed Beta Key Giveaway

/gg FTW, in cooperation with PlayEnvy, is giving away keys to the closed beta of Dungeon Bandits! ...

January 22nd

ggFTW Haiti Donation Drive

As many of you are aware, a devastating series of earthquakes have hit Haiti. /gg FTW is joining ...

January 19th

Pirate King Online Giveaway

/gg FTW, in cooperation with Sing Gium, is giving away keys for consumable packs for Pirate King ...

January 4th

Karos Online: New Player Welcome Gift

/gg FTW, in cooperation with NHN Corporation, is giving away keys for the open beta event "A welcome ...

December 22nd

Christmas Laptop Giveaway Winner

We at /gg FTW! would like to thank everyone that participated in our Christmas Laptop giveaway ...

December 16th

/gg FTW Updates, December 4th

Hi everyone, We've been working still to further improve our site for everyone.  This week we've ...

December 4th

Updates to /gg FTW Portal, Round 3

We've been really busy over the Thanksgiving holidays adding more content and optimizing the portal. ...

November 30th

New Forums: Battlefield Heroes and Grand Fantasia

Hi everyone, We’ve added two new game forums: Battlefield Heroes by Electronic Arts and Grand ...

November 28th

Updates to /gg FTW Portal, Round 2

We've been working diligently for the last few days to reorganize the portal. In a note yesterday I ...

November 26th

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