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Win some Cash with ggFTW: Refer a Friend

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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since we ran one of these events. It's time for another ggFTW Refer-a-Friend event! The event is simple; you just have to get your friends to join ggFTW and you can win up to $50 in Ultimate Game Cards! The top winner will receive $50 in Ultimate Game Card codes, second place will receive $25, and third place will receive $10. The event will run until midnight PST on October 31st. So why would your friends want to join ggFTW?

Download Games

ggFTW has one of the fastest game download systems of any MMO portal or community. Our members have reported download speeds up to 2.0 MB/s -- try to get that from anywhere else!

Join or Create a Guild

If you already have a ggFTW Guild, you could just invite your friends to join your guild! If you don't already have one, now could be the time to make one :)

ggFTW's Awesome MMO Forums

ggFTW has one of the most active MMO forums on the net. Sporting over 1.1 million posts in just over two years, the ggFTW forum is your go-to place for MMO discussions.

Grab a Beta Key

ggFTW's Key Distribution System has handed out over 35,000 keys for closed betas and other game events. Oh, we also gave away a laptop last Christmas.

Lots of Other Stuff

Your friends never run out of stuff to do at ggFTW. They could start a blog, chat with other MMO gamers, upload some screenshots, play in the arcade, start a blog, rate some games, find a new game to play, check out the wiki, upload some pictures to the gallery, stalk people with the ggFTW social feed, customize their profiles, make new friends, and -- coming soon -- buy, sell, and auction their game items on the ggFTW market.

How do I participate?

It's easy -- just get your friends to join and list your username as their referrer. Or, you could make it even easier and give them your referral link:{YOUR_USER_ID}

You can get your userid from your own profile. Look under the contact tab for "Send a private message to <your_username>". Hover over this with your mouse and you'll see a link that looks like The number after the &u= is your user id.

Userid location
Userid location

Please be respectful of other communities' and websites' rules. Spamming complaints will lead to disqualification.

Weekly updates will be posted in the Refer-a-Friend event thread:

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