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"What Game Should I Play?" ggFTW Has the Answer

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Hi everyone,

One of the most frequently asked questions on ggFTW is "What game should I play?" We've very excited to announce tonight that the ggFTW MMORPG database can now answer that question for both members and visitors alike!

Welcome to ggFTW "Find Your Game."

ggFTW Find Your Game is a community-powered social suggestion engine that calculates game suggestions based upon a player's past games and other players' implied suggestions based upon those games. For example, a gamer has played Ragnarok Online, Pangya, and Lunia. The gamer selects these three games and searches the suggestion engine. Based upon what other games RO, Pangya, and Lunia players have played, Find Your Game computes suggestions and displays them to the gamer.

ggFTW Find Your Game Engine

Players can choose the number of results returned (up to 50) and can add up to five games they have played to match. Players can also choose to sort results by suggestion strength (default), rating, number of ratings, or alphabetically by modifying the options on the right of the screen.

The suggestion engine is community-powered, so please help us make better suggestions by marking all the games you have played! To mark a game as played, head to the MMORPG games database, click the game you have played, and then click the blue "I've Played This" button.

I'm also pleased to announce that with this addition, ggFTW now has the most advanced MMORPG, MMO, and BBG directory on the ‘net. Other MMO portals allow game searching but ggFTW is the only community-powered suggestion engine!

Please take the time to check out our new features. Find Your Game is currently in beta; if you have any suggestions on improving the engine please drop a note in our Questions, Feedback, & Suggestions forum!

Your innovative ggFTW Staff

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