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Updates to ggFTW MMORPG News and Site News

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Hi everyone,

As many of you already know, ggFTW publishes news for the games we carry in our MMORPG games database. If you've ever taken the time to look through the game news, either through our content system or via the forum robot, you'll know it's pretty boring and hard to read.

I'm very pleased to announce three major updates to our game news system!

First, we addressed the readability. We've optimized font settings to be more readable and less of a strain on the eyes.

Second, we addressed the dullness! Most of these updates come with screenshots or videos; it's just been too cumbersome in the past to download them, upload them, position them, etc, etc. With our new id-based media system, we can add media quickly from our gallery or YouTube channel directly into our game news system. You can see an example of the new news formats here:

Images: Gun-Smoking Content Update for Project Blackout

Video: New Mytheon Trailer Featuring Zeus

Protip: The images and video will not come over with the robot into the forums. You'll have to click the "original article" link to view the entire news article. Expect to see more screenshots, renders, and videos in our upcoming news releases!

Finally, we addressed the indexing! Gone are the days of boring, one-line headlines from our games news page. We've changed the index to be more aesthetically pleasing, more informative, and hopefully more engaging!


Of course, most of these changes also carry over to the site news section as well of course minus the game-specific updates. Please take the time to check out the changes we've made to the game news; we hope this makes our updates more informative!

ggFTW Staff

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ggFTW News

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