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Greetings MMOG!

I've mentioned a staff reorganization a few times in a few different threads.  I'm sure many of you have noticed staff members changing colors and some have probably noticed the description changes at the bottom.  There's been a new announcement and three division recruiting threads posted.  The reasoning is simple -- for the last year we've kinda let MMOG grow as it will and we've been very reactive -- taking care of problems as they arise.  We're a year old now and the time has come to be proactive.  The staff was split into 9 divisions with a very specific focus.  There is so much energy in staff right now and you can bet that this will only mean a better MMOG for you.  So who's who in staff now and what are the divisions?

1.  Management.  Headed by me with Kudaranai as first mate, the management team oversees all staff operations, coordinates with external entities, pays the bills, and acts as the "jack of all trades" to fill other staff deficiencies.

2.  Operations.  Headed by Catharsis, Operations is responsible for taking care of administrative requests, analyzing traffic data, and managing staff human resources (among other things)

3.  Marketing.  Headed by Glarbage, the Marketing team's #1 goal is to ensure people know who we are and what we have to offer.  They are responsible for intercommunity promotion, advertising, and other things.

4.  Content.  Headed by Mongo, the Content team is responsible for all content generated by MMOG.  This is not the same as the old Content Manager group and more will come about this team as our new vision for MMOG unfolds.

5.  Design.  Headed by Bob, the Design team is responsible for the site's design including the overall design, buttons, icons, logos, and graphics.

6.  Events.  Headed by Light, the Events team is responsible for planning and execution of all MMOG events.  The Events team will also coordinate with Management for intercommunity events and publisher-MMOG events.

7.  Forum.  Headed by Kowiz, the Forum team has overall responsibility for moderating and promoting activity on the forums.

8.  Wiki.  Headed by Medoria, the Wiki team has overall administrative responsibility for the wikis.  They are responsible for training, wiki help, and setting up new wikis.

9.  Community.  Headed by TMM, the Community team has responsibility of all other aspects of MMOG -- galleries, blogs, etc.  They also promote interest in our Off-Topic forums, manage external communities (like the Facebook page), and work to bring new things relevant to your interests that may not entirely have to do with games.

These are just a high level overview of the new divisions and their responsibilities -- some of these divisions are recruiting so be sure to check the News forum if you're interested in joining our exciting and high-energy staff.

Everyone please congratulate our new division heads.  They have the same level of authority as the old "Administrators" group and have a huge job ahead of them.  Also, please wish the rest of our staff luck as we try to take MMOG into a new era of prosperity!

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