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Most Popular /gg FTW! Games, v.2

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It's Saturday again and that means time for another update on the most popular /gg FTW! games of the week! The "most popular" numbers are based upon interactions, i.e. forum posts or wiki edits. This list is based upon interactions over the last 7 days. The forum discussions changed quite a bit from last week while the wikis remained relatively static.

Top Forums

  1. LaTale
  2. Trickster Online
  3. Lunia
  4. Emil Chronicle Online
  5. SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online
  6. Dungeon Fighter
  7. Atlantica Online
  8. Aion Online
  9. Pangya
  10. Dragonica
  11. S4 League

Lunia has slipped from its top spot as the most popular game on /gg FTW! with La Tale slipping up a rank. Emil Chronicle is still on a steady rise and nearly beat out Lunia for the #3 spot. It'll be interesting to see what happens next week! Nexon's new game, Dungeon Fighter, is rising quickly as well.

Top Wikis

  1. Trickster Online Wiki
  2. Emil Chronicle Wiki
  3. Dungeon Fighter Wiki
  4. LaTale Wiki
  5. Dragonica Wiki
  6. Grand Chase Wiki
  7. Concerto Gate Wiki

The Trickster Wiki has reclaimed its most active wiki title for this week but Dungeon Fighter saw a 9 rank jump over the last 7 days. Other than that there really wasn't much of a change in ranking -- the Emil Chronicle wiki continues to see strong support from the community and the Dungeon Fighter wiki is progressing nicely.

That's not fair! Game x is better!

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