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We were compiling some analytics to see how people interact on /gg FTW! and I thought it would be interesting to share with the community.  The "most popular" numbers are based upon interactions, i.e. forum posts or wiki edits.  The first version of this list is based over the last 30 days but future volumes will include activity from the previous week.

Top Forums

  1. Lunia
  2. LaTale
  3. Trickster Online
  4. SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online
  5. Emil Chronicle Online
  6. Dungeon Fighter
  7. Grand Chase
  8. Atlantica Online
  9. Dragonica
  10. S4 League

It was quite surprising to see Lunia top the forum discussion list and almost as surprising to see SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online hit the #4 spot. Trickster Online has slid from its once-solid position at #1 to #3. Emil Chronicle Online rose rapidly in the last couple of weeks to take the #5 spot and Nexon's Dungeon Fighter is showing promise.

Top Wikis

  1. Emil Chronicle Wiki
  2. LaTale Wiki
  3. Trickster Online Wiki
  4. Grand Chase Wiki
  5. Dragonica Wiki
  6. Atlantica Online Wiki
  7. Concerto Gate Wiki
  8. Lunia Wiki
  9. HolyBeast Online Wiki
  10. Dungeon Fighter Wiki

Noperative and Sambo are machines on the Emil Chronicle wiki. It was a bit of surprise to see the La Tale wiki in the top 5 and Trickster Online slid in forum and wiki ranking. Wiki activity includes non-bot activity (new pages, edits, uploads, etc.) Although it's rising quickly in the forum activity rankings, the Dungeon Fighter Wiki didn't even appear in the top wikis. Lunia's also pretty far down the list considering its forum popularity.

That's not fair!  Game x is better!

Show us!  All it takes to interact with the forums or edit the wikis is a /gg FTW! account so if you're not a member register for free today!  If you're already a member start a discussion or add/edit a wiki page.  There's just over 6 days until the next round of stats are posted!

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