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Massive Changes to ggFTW User Interface

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Hi everyone,

You may be wondering just what we mean by massive. Sure, you'll notice some cosmetic changes today as the homepage got a facelift, the social feed got its own page, and the forum got a few new sets of icons.

The real changes happened behind the scenes to make ggFTW even faster for our visitors. We've reduced the average requests per page by almost 10 and reduced the data payload on some pages by an order of magnitude. Almost every single page had something change either on the front or back end.

With any change of this magnitude, bugs will inevitably surface. One thing that we know broke is the "double-click mark read" feature on the forums (and one moderation function). We ask that if you notice anything that doesn't look quite right to report it in our Site Bugs forum. Please be sure to include your browser version and operating system to help us troubleshoot. Also, a screenshot is worth a thousand words!

Staff, please use the appropriate channels for reporting privileged issues.

With these changes, ggFTW is now the single fastest game-related website on the Internet in terms of user experience optimization. The closest runner-up was IGN, and the closest MMORPG website wasn't even worth running the comparison (source: Google Online Page Speed).


ggFTW Staff

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