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Karos Online CBT3 Keys

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/gg FTW, in cooperation with NHN Corporation, is giving away beta keys for Karos Online. To be part of this final closed beta test simply snag your key from /gg FTW, redeem your code on Karos Online's official site, and you're in! More detailed instructions are below on redeeming your key.

Help us rate Karos Online! Please visit the Karos Online Report Card and tell us what you think during the CBT!

Have some interesting screenshots from the CBT? Post them in our Screenshot Gallery!

Please discuss your CBT experience or report any difficulty with your CBT key in our Karos Online forum.

To redeem your key:

  1. Go to and sign up for a Karos Online account.
  2. Login to your Karos Online Account.
  3. Click the "Beta Key Redemption" button.
  4. Enter your beta key code, you will become one of our betatesters immediately.
  5. The Client will be available for downloading a few days before the Beta Test -- please check for the latest information

Grab your beta key from our Karos Online CBT3 Giveaway page!

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