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Introducing the ggFTW Game Recommendation Box

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Hi everyone,

Early on this Easter morning we rolled out a new feature – the ggFTW game recommendation box. You'll start seeing this critter appear at the top of many of the pages. We've built this device to showcase some of our higher rated and more popular games to visitors and members who may be looking for a new MMO game to play.

Only client-based games in some form of release (beta, commercial) will appear in the box. Although we cover browser games on ggFTW, we really don't see these games as something we'd recommend to play. More like, pass time during maintenance...

We're also hoping to expose more of the site to our members who like to chill in one small little forum the entire time they're here. ggFTW is a big site; get out there and see what we have to offer! You may be surprised, heh.

This box is not an advertisement (inb4 baw). The location is not "sellable" and the links lead to our own game pages. Only highly rated games will appear in the box. We use more than a dozen signals including the game's rating and popularity to determine what shows up as a in the game recommendation box.

Because these are not advertisement banners, they will be visible to donors and subscribers. Don't worry, the banners are small and there's no funky scripting involved (two of the main annoyances with ads). Besides, if you don't see ads then the site starts to look a bit bland after a while :)

We hope the recommended game box helps you find a new game to play when it comes time to start MMO hopping again. The first deployment was in the forum; we hope to have it rolled out to other sections of the site later during the day.


Your friendly neighborhood ggFTW Staff

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