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IAH Dragonica Trick-or-Treat

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Hey guys! /gg FTW! and IAHgames are providing treats for your Dragonica trick-or-treating! Simply grab a code and follow the instructions linked below to claim your treat. While you're at it, there are a few other Halloween events going on in Dragonica so check them out!

Treats include (Codes give you one of the following):

  • Pumpkin Candy (these drop from the event monster and buff players.)
  • 3-Day Halloween Headgear packs (Witch’s Pumpkin Hat, Jack O’ Lantern Helm, Werewolf Helm and Red Devil Hood)
  • 3-Day Black Witch Costume Pack (Female characters)
  • 3-Day Vampire Costume Pack (Male characters)
  • 3-Day Odd-Eyed Kitty Costume Pack (Unisex)
  • 3-Day Red Devil Costume Pack (Unisex)
  • 3-Day Werewolf Costume Pack (Unisex)

Pumpkin Packs Include:

  • Pumpkin Jelly: Increases Attack Speed by 5% for 10 minutes
  • Pumpkin Cookie: Increase INT by 10 for 10 minutes
  • Pumpkin Muffin: Increases AGI by 10 for 10 minute
  • Pumpkin Lamp: Increases VIT by 10 for 10 minutes

Instructions to redeem codes:

More details:

Need some help on Dragonica? Check out the Dragonica Wiki or chat about your Dragonica experience on the /gg FTW! Dragonica Forums.

Be sure to upload your character screenshots to our Screenshot Gallery.

Get your codes here:

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