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Hi everyone,

As most of you know, we provide forums for ggFTW guilds and allow the guild leaders moderation power over those forums. Guild leaders are identified by a light blue name and have certain other perks associated with being a guild leader. Over time, however, guilds change leaders and do not notify us; this introduces risk to our site by having stale moderator accounts.

Starting October 15th, we'll begin reviewing guild moderators once per month to make sure they're still active. To retain your guild moderator status, you must have your guild listed in the ggFTW Guilds System and you must be listed as a guild leader for that guild. After October 15th, guild moderator change requests where guild leaders have not been updated in the ggFTW Guilds System will not be honored.

We apologize for any inconvenience; using this method will help reduce risk to our site and ensure guild leaders are updated regularly. If you do not know how to add your guild to the ggFTW Guild System, please find a few helpful links below. Please note, you must be logged in to add a guild.

ggFTW Guild System
ggFTW Guilds Help
Add a Guild


-- ggFTW Staff

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