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/gg FTW Updates, December 4th

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Hi everyone,

We've been working still to further improve our site for everyone.  This week we've reworked the banner on the portal and added a number of game info pages, rating pages, and game forums.  The flash banner on the /gg FTW! Homepage was replaced with a PHP/JavaScript custom banner script.  The banners are now visible on iPhones and other browsers that do not have Flash capabilites and consumes less resources when viewing the page.  It's also insanely easier to update so we should start actually using it for stuff now instead of the same 5 banners we've had since September =]  New content:

Info Pages

Rating Pages

Game Forums


0 December 7th, 2009 11:00 am
banner is not flash? I just clicked the top banner... it is flash !!

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