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/gg FTW! Tales Runner Welcome Package

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/gg FTW! and Tales Runner have partnered up to invite you on a unique journey into the Realm of Fantasy. Experience your beloved Fairy Tales and Legends like never before! Participate and learn about a wondrous story that unfolds with each new update!

You begin your travels as one of the four original characters who were invited to join a fantastical tournament held in Tales Land, the Realm of Fantasy. You fumble around this mysterious world and travel through various fairy tale settings to practice and participate in the tournament. With the grand prize as the Ultimate Wishing Stone, you find other fellow characters with the same aspiration, but various attitudes and personalities. As you progress onward through the levels of the game (from a baby chick to a devil winged shoe), you meet other runners who may become your friends, enemies, or even lovers. Perhaps you will even choose to settle down on the farm, raise some crops and animals, or even marry and start a family! Customize, Decorate, Dash, Jump, Run, and Race towards your own fairy tale! As each new Chapter of this story unfolds, the content of Tales Land becomes richer and richer leaving you eager to find out more…
Learn more by visiting the Official Tales Runner Website.

Welcome Package Includes:
Watch Rabbit
Set of Emotions
Devil Wings
Red Ninja Scarf
Dance 2
Farm Ticket

To claim your welcome package code, please check out the Welcome Package Event Page:

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