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ggFTW Social Feed Updates, 10/2

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Hi everyone,

We've recently expanded the social feed to include game downloads and beta keys. You can now get a quick look at popular game downloads and more visibility of our beta key contests. Coming soon will be a "popular downloads" section to the ggFTW homepage highlighting the ten most downloaded games of the day.

The social feed will also be diminishing from the homepage in the coming weeks. We never intended this to be a permanent solution for the homepage but we needed something that was updated regularly while NoeJeko was crazy busy finishing school. Now that we have regular game updates, site updates, and new game downloads coming regularly it's outlived its usefulness on the homepage.

For those that like the social feed, don't fret! It's not going away! Certain activities will always be logged to the homepage (like key giveaways and other event-driven activities). The social feed will be replacing the "visitor messages" on your profiles. Similar to other social networking sites' activity feeds, news feeds, or walls; the ggFTW social feed will provide a real-time list of a member's activities. Of course, privacy settings will still be respected; we'll work to fine tune these as we transition the social feed to its proper place.

One last thing, we heard a rumor that the new market system automatically notifies the winner and seller when an auction closes and has a real-time list of all items ordered by closing date on the homepage. We also heard that you can set your "default market" to a specific game so you don't have to wade through all the other game "clutter" if you don't wish to see it. We're not sure how reliable this rumor is; someone dropped a note on NoeJeko's desk this morning...

-- Your too-tired-to-write-something-witty ggFTW Staff

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