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Hi everyone,

We've had to make some revisions to our forum signature policies. Effectively immediately, community users cannot set a custom signature until they have made 25 posts. Unfortunately, as spam bots get smarter our forum team has to work harder to catch them and many are slipping through the cracks.

If you have over 25 posts and find your signature no longer shows up:

Do not fret, it was not lost. The board processes permissions based upon post count once per hour and in batches. It should eventually reappear. I've already tested this and it should not have been lost. If you are a guild leader, donor, VIP, or staff member you were not affected by this. It may take a day or two before it comes back -- we have over 25,000 members and so far only 1700 have processed. Please be patient.

I know it's annoying; trust me I was just as annoyed when I cleaned out about 20 bots today that our forum team missed. I don't want our site promoting the fake Air Jordan ripoffs and I feel this is a fair tradeoff. By the time a member has made 25 posts our forum team should have caught them if they're not a human thanks to the overall community vigilence.

Thanks for flying ggFTW!

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