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/gg FTW! New Key and Code Distribution System

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We're pleased to announce that we've finally completed our automated Key Distribution System (KDS)!  This system allows us to rapidly share codes with the /gg FTW! community for closed beta testing, item packs, special promotions, and may other events.  So what's this new KDS got?

For Players

You get more chances to get the first look at new games by snagging a closed-beta key!  Get that hot new item or exclusive event item from a /gg FTW! KDS code.  We have more stuff coming for the gamers in future versions of the KDS but for now you have what you want -- the codes, events, and prizes.  Forgot your code?  No problem, our KDS will send you a forum private message containing your code should you forget.

For Publishers

Distribute your codes with confidence on /gg FTW's KDS.  Our duplicate detection system increases unique code distribution while not limiting players who may share a router, wireless network, or gateway.  New members pass two forms of human verification (reCAPTCHA and email response) thwarting auto-harvesting attempts.  Current, verified members obtain codes with one click.  Pageviews and analytics are tracked through Google Analytics while internal reporting provides effectiveness metrics.

KDS Home:

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