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Greetings all,

I'm very pleased to announce the release of our ggFTW Guild System. With our new guild system, you can create a custom page on for your guild to give your guild more visibility and provide a centralized place for guild information. Some features of the guild system are:

  • Guild Emblems. Create and upload your own guild emblem.
  • Self-management of members. Guild owners and leaders can manage their guild members without the need for ggFTW staff requests *
  • Guild Descriptions. Enter a description of your guild to get better results on search rankings and let people know about your guild.
  • Guild Games. Tell everyone the games in which your guild may be found.
  • Guild Forum Links. Now your guild forum doesn't have to be buried; find it in one click from your guild page.
  • Guild Notifications. Send notifications to all of your guild members or post public notifications for all to see **

To get started, navigate to the ggFTW Guilds page and select "Add a Guild". Once your guild is created, be sure to share your guild link with all your guild members so they can join your guild page. Once you meet the 15 member requirement, you may Request a Guild Forum and become a Recognized Guild! Also, once you've created your guild page be sure to "Like" it on Facebook to get more attention.

For more information about ggFTW Guilds, check out the ggFTW Guilds Help

ggFTW Guilds is still in BETA. This means there will almost certainly be some things that don't work quite right or some features upon which we can add or improve. Be sure to drop any bug reports in the Site Bugs forum and any feedback or suggestions in the Questions, Feedback, & Suggestions forum.

* Guild forum moderators must still be handled by ggFTW Staff
** The guild notification system is only available to Recognized Guilds. Abuse of this system will result in loss of notification priviliges.


+1 September 9th, 2010 06:01 am
This is really an awesome addition to the community, seeing that most of us here are really close groups of guildies. :) This is going to be an exciting feature :>

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