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Hi everyone,

We're pleased to announce the beta launch of the ggFTW MMO Marketplace! The MMO Marketplace is designed to make auctioning, selling, and buying your MMO in-game items easier. During the beta test, the game market forums will remain open and the iTrader will remain enabled. Once beta testing is complete and we've implemented user-requested features, the market forums will shut down and the MMO Marketplace will replace the iTrader system. The ggFTW MMO Marketplace beta includes the following features:

  • Buy, sell, and auction MMO items
  • Notification of auction winners, auto-closure of auctions at auto-win or time expiration
  • Bid on auctions
  • Feedback system for buyers and sellers
  • "Default game" allowing members to automatically filter the market based upon their favorite game

As the MMO marketplace is still in beta, we welcome any suggestions and feedback to make it more usable for you. No data wipes will occur between beta versions or once we launch the full production version. Please post feedback to the Questions, Feedback, & Suggestions forum and report any bugs to the Site Bugs forum.

We're very excited about launching this new feature and we realize it's only about half-baked. We need large-scale production testing and your feedback to make this into the perfect MMO Marketplace.  You can find the market from the top navigation (with the "new" icon) or at the following link:

ggFTW MMO Marketplace

All the best,

ggFTW Staff

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