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ggFTW Launches New Game Advertising Network

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ggFTW, a leading MMO and MMORPG game portal owned and operated by Gavist Media, today announced the launch of a new MMO advertising network. ggFTW Ads is built on an all-new advertising platform leveraging current best practices in web technology for outstanding user experience, reporting, and campaign management.

For advertisers, ggFTW Ads offers a network of MMO game sites with audience demographics similar to  In addition to common CPC and CPA modes, ggFTW Ads allows advertisers to reserve share-of-voice on CPM rates for major events such as new game launches, beta tests, and significant updates.  For CPC/CPA campaigns, ggFTW Ads optimizes fill per hour to maximize ROI.

ggFTW accepts pre-paid terms and NET30 with approved credit.  In the last 30 days, ggFTW Ads has served 14.3 million impressions to 486,000 unique visitors.

For publishers, ggFTW Ads offers ad delivery up to four times more quickly than other advertising networks for an outstanding user experience.  ggFTW Ads offers some of the highest payouts in the industry for publisher sites with revenue share between 70% and 80% depending upon the publisher’s site traffic profile.  ggFTW Ads promises relevant ads to gamer audiences and speedy, NET30 payment terms for publishers.

ggFTW also offers near-real-time reporting capabilities for both advertisers and publishers.  Advertiser reporting shows effective CPM, CPC, and CPA calculations and allows for rapid changes in creative and landing page for campaign optimization.  Publisher reports show per-location metrics for performance analysis.

Sign up for ggFTW Ads as an advertiser or publisher today.  For more information about ggFTW Ads, please visit


+1 October 17th, 2011 08:28 pm
Congratulations with the chances! It looks pretty good and exciting. Hopefully this means more suggestions and interesting sources to the community. Changes within ggFTW's main subject MMORPG is good. People play games, but we always want new and cool stuff.

You have a very decent amount (really amazing, rather) of visitors, which could mean the publishers will recommend and pass on the words about ggFTW.

If there is one word to describe ggFTW, it would obviously be "quality". I have yet to find another community that serves so much attention and understanding to its users. This is why everyone should use ggFTW and its offers.

Personally I hope publishers will use this system and share a lot of beta testing with us. Beta is always exciting and it brings users out from the lurking bushes.
+1 October 17th, 2011 10:44 am
I don't really get it much but...are you saying we can use ggftw to advertise and/or Publish our own Products or sites or something x.x?

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