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ggFTW Icon Changes for Forums, Guilds

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Hi everyone,

Around 5:30 AM PST we made a change to our icon system that affects game forums, guild forums, guild social feed posts, and other forums. Forums dedicated to a specific game now show an icon of that game (provided we've added it to our database in the forum list. Also, guilds that have been officially recognized will now have their guild emblem show in both the forum list and the social feed when new threads and posts are made in non-private forums. Finally, the default forum icon has changed for forums that are not associated with a game or guild. We're really working to reduce the "brightness" of the site design but this is a lengthy process and we have to take it one step at a time. If you do not see the new icons immediately you may have to clear your cache. An example of the new forum home for games:

Look for more changes in the coming months -- rumor has it that ggFTW has a new logo and is working on a completely new style!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Staff

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ggFTW News

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