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ggFTW Goes Social, Updates to Key System and Login

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Hi everyone,

This evening we're very happy to announce the implementation of Facebook Connect for logins. By now I'm sure many of you have seen the blue Facebook login or register buttons floating around. You can use these buttons to connect your Facebook account to your ggFTW account eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords!

If you're already logged into your ggFTW account, the process is very simple. Just click the blue "Login" button and once you've authorized us you'll be connected automatically! New connections will have the option to post to your Facebook wall – you can definitely cancel this if you don't want to but we'd appreciate the shoutout!

If you haven't registered yet, why wait? The new Facebook register form is much simpler than the old registration process. One page and you're done! Of course, you can still connect your Facebook account from the registration form to your ggFTW account; you'll just need to provide your username and password if you're not already logged in.

Use of the new Facebook APIs requires JavaScript. If you'd prefer to use the old login and registration options, those still work of course. This isn't a forced change.

For members, you may notice that your Facebook user icon vanished. That's because you need to actually connect with Facebook now to get it! Just connect and it comes right back but watch out! If you disconnect your account it'll go away again :(

Lastly, a change has been made to the Key Distribution System. If you've connected with Facebook and you get a key from us, you'll be given the option to post to your wall and invite your friends to play as well. Don't worry, you can always cancel this as well but as above, we'd appreciate the shoutout.

Oh, and one more thing! Members who connect a Facebook account are not subject to the same 5-post restrictions that new traditional members must suffer.

We hope you use this opportunity to tell your friends about us and simplify your life here at ggFTW.


Your wired-in ggFTW Staff

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