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As part of our ongoing effort to better the user experience at /gg FTW, we've recently rolled out an upgrade to the Games Database. Previously, all of our "game pages" were static content pages that are cumbersome to create or update. This is the primary reason we've had such a short list of games for so long.

The new games database builds upon the Game Report Card System and is much more dynamic allowing us to add games with only the name and extend the information as we get it. In the coming weeks we'll see a massive explosion in the number of games /gg FTW covers. The game information pages share comments with the report card pages so past comments were not lost. This update wasn't only to make things easier for us, the pages have quite a few new features for you!

New Features

  • Game client downloads (as they become available)
  • Lightbox (Highslide) rendering of screenshots and videos
  • Game system requirements (where available)
  • Publisher/region lists
  • Better integration with /gg FTW forums and wikis

As always, your feedback is welcome! If you find we're missing a game or missing information on an existing game, please drop us a note in the Questions, Feedback, and Suggestions forum. Please report any bugs in the Site Bugs forum. Thanks for flying /gg FTW! You can see the game database by clicking a game name from the home page or navigating to

Game Publishers:

If you want us to host your game downloads on our 14 Point-of-Presence Content Delivery Network, please contact us for more information. Thanks!

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