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/gg FTW Game Database Reaches 100 Games

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Hi everyone,

Tonight, with the addition of Genesis A.D., the /gg FTW! Game Database reached its 100th game. This is an important milestone given the pain we used to endure to add new games. It took us a few months to expand from 8 to 37 and only one week to go from 37-100. Although the technology behind the database is a huge factor, your hardworking staff was just as important to this milestone. Specifically, I'd like to thank Mitchi, orphan, k0n, Ascherit, Mirae, Shikisaurus, Shanni!, Glarbage, Yuki, LilShazbot, and everyone else on staff for putting up with my insane demands as we worked to revamp the game database and make it more useful for everyone! If you haven't yet, please take a moment to check out the new, ever-expanding game database:

/gg FTW - Game Database

Your friendly Neighborhood NoeJeko

P.S. I know the list is getting a bit long on the left side -- we're working on this!

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