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/gg FTW! Announces New Rating Section

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Over the last couple of weeks we've been in active development on a new game rating system. We're pleased to announce today that this rating system is now at a level which we feel comfortable opening it to the public for use. Our ratings system creates a "report card" for games and publishers allowing the gaming community to accurately rate the games they play and the companies that publish them.


We're tired of seeing industry paid ratings on other portal sites. We're tired of seeing hype ratings. We think it's pretty hard to rate a game that no one's played yet and we're doing something about it. The /gg FTW! ratings app doesn't allow ratings on games before they're at least in closed beta stage and will never accept payment for higher ratings.

The /gg FTW! ratings app also accounts for the fact that games go up and down in their ratings. You can select to view ratings over a 30 day, 90 day, and all time period to get a better picture of how a game or publisher is performing. You can also leave comments on the games and publishers to praise the good ones and warn others about the bad ones. We've also made it easy to view the top and the bottom of the MMO gaming pool with our ratings index portal.

If you don't see a game listed that should be feel free to drop us a note in our Feedback Forum. We'll evaluate and add games as they come out or the community requests. Also please feel free to give us feedback on the application in that forum; we're always looking for ways to improve it.

We're still in beta testing so things will change from time to time. We have some more styling work to do and the search engine needs to be re-worked.  I want to give a personal thanks to Kudaranai, Shanni!, and Mitchi for their awesome efforts in graphics and logos, the /gg FTW! staff team for testing during pre-alpha phase, the /gg FTW! VIPs, donors, and guild leaders for testing during alpha and the /gg FTW! members for testing during beta. You guys are awesome and hopefully you can see many of your suggestions already implemented.

/gg FTW! Game Ratings

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