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ggFTW Affiliations: Show Off Your Site

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Hi everyone!

Did you know that ggFTW offers link exchange services for fansites, guild sites, and pretty much any other site that relates to MMO games or gamers' interests? This includes things like anime sites, music sites, or pretty much anything else that could be of value to MMO gamers!

In the past we've had pretty restrictive rules on site affiliations. We're happy to announce that we're relaxing those restrictions and want to kick-start our affiliation program this year. Even if we've declined an affiliation with you in the past, please feel free to re-inquire.

If you're interested just drop a note to NoeJeko with the following information:

  • Name and URL of your site
  • Brief overview of your site (why do you have a site and what does your site do)
  • Contact information for you (the site owner), e-mail is preferred.

Publisher and Industry Services

If you're an industry organization (e.g. publishers, developers) we have more information regarding our industry services on our MMO Publishers page. Please fill out the contact form and someone will contact you regarding potential opportunities.

ggFTW Staff

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