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Hi everyone,

Earlier this week we launched a new layout for the site.  During that announcement we mentioned that the game database, key distribution, forums, and other areas of the site would follow shortly thereafter.  We're pleased to announce that we're well underway on the forum phase of this project.

We chose the forums to do next because we realize how important a good forum experience is to the community.  We've heard a lot of member feedback -- both good and bad -- and are doing our best to include suggestions wherever possible.  Some of you may have already noticed buttons starting to change, elements beginning to align, and title bars beginning to change.  Instead of waiting until the forum redesign is complete, we've chosen to deploy elements as they become available starting with the post views, forum views, and finally the rest of the forum elements.

Please try to be understanding with us.  This is not a quick or easy process -- the forum redesign is likely the single most intense phase of our overall redesign project.  We expect that the forum phase will be complete in 3-4 weeks but unforeseen challenges may drive changes to that timeline.

During times we're waiting for graphic deliverables, you can rest assured we'll be working on other cool features like our Dynamic Bookmarks that released last night.

All the best,

-- Your weary-but-still-full-of-fighting-spirit ggFTW Staff

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