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Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Dynamic Bookmarking system. We realized after the new site deployed that more members used the quick forum navigation menu than we first expected. We didn't know exactly which links were the most used so we decided to come up with a system that benefits everyone. And so, the Dynamic Bookmarking system was born!

How does it work?

It's quite simple. You've probably already noticed the "Bookmark" buttons scattered about the site. Simply click one and voila~ The forum will be added to a "My Navigation" box above the "Top 10 MMO Games" box. These bookmarks are persistent and will survive logouts. If you ever want to clear a bookmark, you may notice the green "+" changed to a red "-" when you added the bookmark. Simply click this button again and the bookmark will be removed.

Add Bookmark button

Remove Bookmark button

You may only have 10 bookmarks at any given time -- so if you try to click the button and nothing happens, you may want to ensure you haven't reached that limit. I know, we're working on a more intuitive warning system for that.

Also, the Dynamic Bookmarks require JavaScript enabled. To keep the load on the server down, we have designed this system powered by AJAX (a JavaScript technology). If you use script blockers, you may want to allow * as you're missing out on a lot of cool things.

Finally, the bookmarks only work for registered members. If you frequent ggFTW for your game information, why not register? It's quick and free!

As time passes, we hope to add other areas of the site to the Dynamic Bookmarking system so you can quickly access your guild or favorite game page.

Bringing you the coolest stuff,

-- ggFTW Staff

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