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Dragonica Pets PWN Giveaway

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We're giving away 1,000 codes for a level 20 pets as part of the recent update on IAHGames Dragonica! To claim your code just head over to the Pets PWN Giveaway event page and remember, only one code per verified account. Here's a bit more information on the pets system:

Players can now complete pet quests to receive eggs with random pets.

  • Stage 1 pets are both decorative and serve as buff items, and must be fed at regular intervals to remain active.
  • Gamers can simply visit Ami, the pet merchant at Port of Winds, and complete 4 quests from her in order to get a Pet Egg.
  • Pets are available at Level 20, 30 and 40.
  • Basic pet breeds include the Husky (dog), Felix (cat) and Gryphon.
  • Pets have to be fed regularly using Pet Food (Cash Shop) or they will become inactive.
  • Pets will be upgraded and equipped with skills and costumes in future with Stage 2 development.

I can’t tell you what the stats are, LOL. They’re random, which is the thing that makes collecting them fun. The stats can go up to about +18 STR, INT, etc, and some lucky gamers have gotten pets with dual stats, sort of like “Special” grade enchanted items.

Gryphons have an extremely low drop rate; Huskies are the most common and the cats are in the middle in terms of drop rate.

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