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Donation Program Closure

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Hi everyone,

On September 30th a long-running program on ggFTW will be closing -- the donation program. We sincerely appreciate everyone who’s helped support us so far; donations have covered 17.5% of all server/bandwidth costs since our inception. The last day that members can donate and enjoy an ad-free experience forever will be September 30th.

In the wake of the MT fallout I said I'd be transparent on where donation money went and guaranteed that money would only go to server and bandwidth costs. To date, our server and bandwidth cost has been $11,808.43. Total donations have been $2064.89. Every cent of donation money was applied to server costs -- other things we’ve done have either been funded through ad revenue, subscription revenue, or me personally. Unless we receive in excess of $9,738.54 in donations by the end of the month, this will be the last report on donation income.

The current "postbit subscription" will be converted to a "ggFTW Premium" membership. By subscribing to ggFTW Premium (name subject to change), members will enjoy an ad-free experience for the duration of their subscriptions, the ability to customize your forum post backgrounds, and a warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the ggFTW community.

Current site features that are free will remain free, forever. People who have donated to receive a lifetime ad-free experience will also receive that experience forever.

Current ggFTW Premium subscription costs are as follows:

  • $5.00 - 1 month
  • $14.00 - 3 months
  • $26.00 - 6 months
  • $50.00 - 1 year

We know that changing your background and ad-free experience isn’t much to offer in terms of benefits for premium members but we’re torn between our guarantee to leave major site features free to use and trying to offer desirable features to premium members. We’re open to suggestions on this one -- just ask yourself "what would make you pay for a ggFTW premium membership?"

Again, a huge thanks to everyone who’s helped support us over the years and a pre-emptive thank you to those who offer your continual support – whether it be as a paying member or just an active community member. Remember, money isn’t the only way you help ggFTW succeed; being active and sharing our community with friends is also very valuable to us and your fellow community members.

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