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Changes to Reputation System

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Hi everyone,

Recently we've been seeing more and more complaints about the reputation system. The system was originally implemented as something fun and lighthearted. It was never intended to be something taken seriously. As always, however, a few people seem to try and ruin the fun for everyone.

This time we're not allowing those few that want to be jerks with the reputation system to ruin the fun of everyone. To keep the system in place for those who like it and help mitigate the complaints of those that do not, all members with more than five (5) posts can now disable their reputation. Previously, this was limited only to site subscribers, VIP members, and members with more than 500 posts.

You will still be able to see reputation comments; however, positive and negative reputation will not show to the public should you choose to disable your reputation. This is a two-edged sword; it also means reputation you leave for others will not count.

We're trying our best to ensure ggFTW appeals to the widest audience of gamers and keep everything as fair as possible for our members. Please help us create the best MMO and MMORPG community on the net by being courteous to your fellow ggFTW members.

All the best,

-- ggFTW Staff

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