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Blast to the Past: MMOG Style!

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We've heard the complaints and they have not gone unnoticed.  While we're still working to tweak the new /gg FTW! style on the forums we've heard the requests for the old MMOG style.  We're happy to announce that we've made the MMOG style available as a forum skin selection.  Please note that due to technical limitations we cannot apply this to the content (articles, reviews, etc.) or the wiki but you can now enjoy the MMOG style again on the forums and blogs.  Please keep in mind there are some technical limitations with this.  Some of the images you may see may be from a different style (icons, status bars, userbars, etc.)  and this is unavoidable without major re-write to some of our extension code.  For the most part, however, the MMOG style is back!

How to MMOG style?

One of two ways:

  1. Use the "Quick Style Chooser" at the bottom of the forum.  This is session-related so if you log off then it may revert back to the /gg FTW! style and you'll need to reset it.
  2. Under "User CP" on the forums, under "Settings & Options", click "Edit Options".  At the bottom under "Miscellaneous Options" you'll see an option for "Forum Skin".  Change this, save your settings, and it will permanently set your forum style until you change it again.

This isn't the end!

Towards the end of the week we will implement two new styles -- a fluid-width (fills the entire screen) /gg FTW! style and MMOG style.  You'll now have 4 different layouts in which you can view the forums, blogs, and galleries.  As always, your feedback is important to us -- please drop any suggestions to us in our Suggestions Forum and report any bugs in the Bugs Forum.

Thanks for flying /gg FTW!

-- /gg FTW! Management

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