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Add a ggFTW Game Rating to Your Fan or Guild Website

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Hi everyone,

We're pleased to announce the newest addition to our games database - the portable ggFTW rating box! By now many of you have seen our updated rating system and the number of ratings has increased significantly since we simplified the process. Now, we want you to be able to show off your favorite game' s ggFTW rating wherever you may hang out!

Images for ggFTW Rating Box

Adding a ggFTW rating box to your website is easy. First, find your game through our MMORPG games directory and click its name. Below the rating box (pictured above) you'll see a link prompting you to put the rating on your website (pictured below). The text link may change to a button during our next ggFTW MMORPG directory update but it will definitely be in the same place and easy to notice.

Images for ggFTW Rating Box

Click the link and the game page will display the invocation code (again, pictured below). For most website owners, we'll simply state that adding the ggFTW rating widget won't slow down your website. For the techies, the gzipped response carries a total payload of only ~4.5 KB (scripts and images) and is called asynchronously to avoid blocking requests during loads. By contrast, adding a Facebook "Like" box carries a total payload of ~180.5 KB - roughly 40x larger than ggFTW's rating widget!

Images for ggFTW Rating Box

Hopefully we'll start to see ggFTW rating boxes popping up all over MMO and MMORPG fan sites, guild sites, database sites, wikis, and other gamer interest sites!

** For members in Singapore, it may take a few days for SingNet to update their DNS cache. All we can suggest is to call them and complain about it :(

-- your "zOMG THIS IS SO COOL" ggFTW Staff

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